• Welcome to AP Biology!!!

    The AP Biology Summer Review Packet is attached below. It is designed to help all of us start out on the same page, no matter what your most recent science class was.


    Do it piece-by-piece throughout the summer or all in the last week as a crash course; it’s up to you! However you decide to pace yourself, you must turn in this entire packet, completed and reasonably error-free, on the first day of school next year (Monday, August 13th). This will be your first grade!


    I’m very excited you decided to take this advanced course in the study of life!  You can reach me by emailing madeline.bottenhorn@marion.k12.fl.us throughout the summer if you have any questions. 

    IMPORTANT: To complete this packet you may use the internet, textbooks, or even the help of a more educated human, but EVERYTHING you turn in must be 100% your own ideas and words. Identical answers will receive identical zeros, no matter who you worked with or who copied whom.

Last Modified on May 8, 2019