• This year in Earth and Space Science we will be investigating the places we live on Earth and the places we, as a Human Population, plan on going in the future.

    We will use technology in the classroom. Students are able to use their own wifi capable devices. These are not required and parental descretion is supported fully.


    We start with the Scientific Method in order to help us think more critically, and facilitate a more observant outlook.


    Atmosphere and Weather will be our focus throughout most of the Fall. We will look at the Water Cycle, Weather Patterns, Transfer of Heat, and Weather vs. Climate. 


    Next will be the Geosphere. This will cover the rock cycle, W.E.D. cycle, age of the Earth, and Human Impact.

    The winter quarter will finish out the Geosphere focusing on Plate Tectonics... Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Mountain Building.


    The 4th 9 weeks, we BLAST off into SPACE!!! We will study our Solar System. Is Pluto a planet? We also will learn about Stars, and Galaxies.


    We will have Projects, both big and small, at school and at home, throughout the year.