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    My expectation is that my students will come into class ready to work and learn. This means coming into class each day quietly, having binders, writing utensils, and other supplies as needed out and ready to go without needing to be reminded. Students should use the restroom before class begins, leave friendship drama at the door, and be well rested for learning. It is so important that each child is respectful to themselves and their classmates by trying the work, encouraging others, and celebrating both victories and mistakes.  




  • Beginning Theatre (Periods 3 and 5) need to do one live performance review due on May 10th.

    Advanced Theatre (Period 6) needs to see two live performances and have the reviews completed by March 11 and May 15th.  If you only completed one during semester 1, you need to do three this semester.


    See attached for current listings:  Semester 2 Live Performances

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