6th Grade World History and Advanced World History

6th Grade World History and Advanced World History


    Sixth Grade World History is a combination of taking the social studies skills learned in elementary school (primarily reading) and doing much more with them as well as learning new skills and content.  It is an exciting and interesting way to make connections with the world's past, present, and future.


    We will be using the textbook chosen for us by the county, workbooks, but mostly information in your binders. Each child will have a section for  World History in their 3" binder where notes and class work examples will be kept to help with homework. (This will be set up in class).  You will be responsible for researching topics, presenting information with the class, and evaluating information presented. We will have a folder that will be kept in the classroom (unless needed to study for a test) with information that will be used all year long.


    My expectation is that my students will come into class ready to work and learn. This means coming into class each day quietly, having binders, writing utensils, and other supplies as needed out and ready to go without needing to be reminded. Students should use the restroom before class begins, leave friendship drama at the door, and be well rested for learning. It is so important that each child is respectful to themselves and their classmates by trying the work, encouraging others, and celebrating both victories and mistakes.  


    Middle School still has homework even though elementary schools do not.  Homework will usually be given on Mondays (or Tuesdays if no school on Monday) and due Thursday or Friday.  I understand that there is a life outside of school so by giving your child flexibility with homework, I expect it to be turned in on time!  



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