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    I am so excited to be working with your child and your family this year! Expectations in third grade are a lot greater than in previous grades, and more responsibility will be placed on your child. Please know, that while I have high expectations, my main priority next to teaching academics is to prepare your child for the rigors of fourth and fifth grade. 

     As an educator, I am passionate about providing a learning environment that not only guides students towards academic achievement, but one that also helps to create strong, successful members of our community.

     Here are a few important philosophies that I hold: 

    • I believe strongly in school-home communication. Both you as parents and myself as the teacher are crucial for student achievement and development. 

    • I feel there should be a balance of whole group, cooperative and independent learning, that students can grow and thrive from a combination of these methods. We will use many different learning methods this year. 

    • Technology is an integral part of my classroom. The world our students are growing up in is only becoming more tech-infused and any exposure to technology will be a benefit to them.


    For almost daily updates on what we are working on in class, please join our class Instagram account! Only parents of students will be added. No content will be able to be seen by anyone other than those I accept as followers. All content will be deleted at the end of the year. Please visit us at Instagram.com: welfel_room_209