Second Grade Gifted Cluster Class

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    Welcome to our Second Grade Gifted Cluster Class.

    I aim to create an innovative learning environment which will challenge which will challenge your children to become confident critical and creative problem solvers who are able to recognize their strengths and utilize them to the fullest.  In recognizing their unique talents and abilities, i want each student to have the opportunity to find their passions, fufill their curiosities, reach their true academic potential and develop a love of learning.  We will work on all of our Second grade skills along with many additional enrichment activties to generate in depth research projects of choice, real world problem solving and expand their creativity nature.  

    Our class will be working to create a well maintained city in our classroom where each student takes on roles and responsibilities as a citizen.  They will each have their own checking account and will earn a salary which could also include bonuses or even possible fines based on the rules and expectations we develop together.  Students will be able to use their hard earned money to purchase from a student driven "Specials" list which will include items and activities to expand their growth within the class/city.

    As we develope our rules and expectations together, I will add these to my web pages so that all parents are aware of the high expectations the students are developing for themselves within our classroom.

    If you have any questions at anytime, please do not hesitate to contact me at

    Second Grade City


  • Look for my class Virtual Orientation Presentation in the next few days!

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