• Intro to Technology


    What is this course about?

    The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop basic skills in computer science. 

    Within appropriate developmental guidelines the content of this course should expose students to:

    • Responsible use of technology and information
    • The impact of computing resources on local and global society
    • Security, privacy, information sharing, ownership, licensure and copyright
    • Communication and collaboration
    • Modeling and simulations
    • Problem solving and algorithms
    • Digital tools
    • Hardware and software
    • Human-Computer interactions and Artificial Intelligence
    • Data Analysis
    • Computer programming basics
    • Programming applications



    Grades will be based on the following 

    Assessments / Projects / Student Work / Participation

    • Student made projects
    • Teacher observations
    • Checklists
    • Tests and quizzes
    • Rubrics
    • Participation and effort
    • Growth in abilities to complete tasks
    • Discussion
    • Cooperative projects
    • Learning activitiesSelf Portrait: Rylie Conrad