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  •        There are many ways that we can communicate through out the year.  Please check your child's work folder daily.  There may be notes from me in there at any time. Pleas feel free to write me notes at anytime as well.  Students are instructed to check the folder every morning when I take attendance.

     I will be sending class work home on Fridays. Please check these papers each week and note your child's behavior grade for the week on Fridays on the behavior chart.  Please initial it each week.  

     Please feel free to send in a note, E-mail or call me with concerns or questions.  I will respond as soon as possible.  Please remember if you have questions about a special area class to contact that teacher as I may not always know the answers.

    My E-mail is:

    The school's phone number is:  617-7250

          We can meet for a conference any time you would like to talk about your child's behavior or classwork.  Just request one at anytime and give me a couple times that you would like to meet and I will confirm a time.  I can meet any morning around 7:30 and most afternoons  around 2:45. 






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  • These are the dates of the county assessment your child will be taking for the remainder of the year.  Class tests and projects will be listed on your child's homework calendar.

    Math Flency Checks:  Addition and subtraction to 20 1/24 and 1/31

                                  Addition and subtraction of 2 digit #s without regrouping 2/21, 3/21 and 4/4

                                  Addition and subtraction on two digit #'s may include regrouping 4/25 and 5/16

    Math Learning Checks:  2/27 Addition and subtraction within 100 using place value and time and money

                                     5/2 Measurement


    ELA Learning Checks:  Unit 4 2/23

                                     RWA the week of 2/27

                                     Unit 5 4/13

                                     Unit 6 5/18 


    This information and more details on what the content of these assessments is is on th Year at a glance document in your child's homework folder.


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