• Child's Responsibility at Home

    • Monday through Friday:  Read a book  or My On book for 20 minutes.
    • Monday through Friday: Complete 2 reading assignments and 2 math assignments at home


                                                        Standards for Fourth Quarter:______________________________________

    Reading Literature:  

    • Review all third grade reading standards.

    Reading Information Texts:

    • Review all third grade reading standards.

    Writing : 

    • Write third grade quality sentences in response to questions using punctuation, capitals, subject, and predicate.
    • Write a paragraph with an introduction, 2-3 description sentences for the body, and conclusion sentence.
    • Write an essay with an introduction paragraph, 2 descriptive paragraphs. and a conclusion paragraph.


    • Compare and order fractions.
    • Time intervals.
    • Measurement


    • Classify animals by characteristics such as vertebrate, body covering, how they are born, etc.

    Social Studies:

    • How the USA government works.
    • How economics affects our lives.