• Child Responsibility at Home

    • Monday through Thursday:  Read an AR book for 20 minutes.
    • Monday through Thursday: Complete assignments for Homework Contract
    • Friday                Look over the papers in the Friday Folder with an adult and have a parent sign the folder confirming that they have seen the graded papers and behavior grade for the week. 

    Standards for each subject

    Reading Literature  -    determine the meaning of words and phrases in a text;

                                         analyze the section, chapter, scene, or stanze of a text and how it relates to the whole text

                                         determine how point of view shapes the characters

    Reading Informational Text - determine the meaning of words and phrases in an informational text

                                                    analyze how structures such as captions, maps, illustrations, sidebars, charts add to informational texts

                                                   determine how the author's point of view shapes the information provided

    Math     -     multiplication and division word problems with unknown factors

                       two step word problems

                       perimeter and area of shapes

    Science     -   Forms of energy; light, heat, mechanical, electrical,and sound energy

                          our sun and other stars

    Social Studies     -    map skills and geography 

                                    American Government; local, state, and national

    Standards will be changing every nine weeks so keep checking back to see what your child is learning.  This makes it easier to question them about what they are learning.


    Year at a Glance


    • Complete homework assignments weekly and get a parent signature upon completion.
    • Read 20 minutes every evening and take AR test weekly.
    • Complete assignments in class on time.
    • Make up all assigned work missed due to absence in less than a week.
    • Cooperate with assigned groups to complete class assignments.
    • Use complete sentences for written responses when appropriate.
    • Complete 45 minutes a week of i-Ready reading.
    • Complete 45 minutes a week of i-Ready math.
    • Meet the individualized AR reading goal for the 9 weeks.