Welcome to Fifth Grade


    Bray Homeroom Special Schedule
    Monday: Enrichemnt and Music
    Tuesday: PE/Dance and Technolgy
    Wednesday: PE/Dance and Drama
    Thursday: Enrichment and TV Production
    Friday: PE/Dance and Art

    Breakfast 7:30-7:50
    Bray Homeroom Lunch Time  11:40-12:05

    Taylor Homeroom Lunch Time 11:42-12:07


    Volunteer Forms
    You must fill out volunteer forms each year. You must also scan your driver’s license. Try to do this ASAP. Having an approved volunteer form allows you to chaperone field trips, eat lunch on campus with your child, volunteer on campus, help in the classroom or special area class, help with the Fall Festival, watch your child on the morning show, or join our class for science centers or holiday events. You do not need a volunteer form in order to attend share shows or class celebrations.


Upcoming Events