• Physical Education will be meeting 3 times a week for 50 minutes each time.

    Below is the link for this year's schedule.


    8:30 Bray Bray Burfening Bray Burfening
    9:20 Taylor Taylor Carpenter Taylor Carpenter
    9:20 Cunningham Brown Cunningham Brown Brown
    10:10 Lamperski McGrath Lamperski McGrath McGrath
    10:10 Grade 2  Burfening Grade 2 Cunningham Grade 2
    11:00     Carpenter   Lamperski  
    11:40  Grade 3 Bruegger  Grade 3 Crosby  Grade 3
    12:30   Webb/Clark   Harris  
    12:30 Cicione Crosby Cicione Cicione Crosby
    1:20 Haworth Harris Haworth Haworth Harris
    1:20 Anderson Anderson Bruegger Anderson Bruegger
    2:10  Miller Miller  Webb/Clark Miller Webb/Clark




    *Please wear tennis shoes to PE daily.  Ladies need to wear shorts under their dress or skirt.

    If your child does not wear the correct shoes they will not be allowed to participate in class that day. This will also result in their grade being lowered.

    Students(grades 2nd-5th) are allowed to bring their tennis shoes to class and change while attendance is being taken.  Kinder & 1st must wear their shoes to class.

    They, however, will not be allowed to go back to class to get their shoes if the shoes were forgotten. 


    *We will be in Building 2 or the PE portable if weather conditions are as follows:

         Heat index is over 95 degrees

         Wind chill is below 45 degree

         Rain/lightening in the area

     This is for the health and safety of All our children. 

    We also feel that the students need to learn about the whole body.  If we are in the PE portable we will be covering various health/wellness related topics.  We feel very strongly about the student understanding the importance how their food, body and mind interact with each other.