Welcome to Ms. Anderson's First Grade Class


  • The Florida Aquarium Field Trip Information

    Our trip to The Florida Aquarium in Tampa was a fun and educational time! Thank you students and chaperones. :-)


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  • Family and Student Access (Parent Portal) and Set Alerts

    Marion County Public Schools is pleased to announce the implementation of Family/Student Access by Skyward, Inc.  Family/Student Access is a secure internet-based website that will allow you to easily keep track of nearly everything your student(s) does while at school.


    This service will allow you to view your student’s  attendance, grades, schedule, progress, assignments, test scores, emergency contact information and much more. You can even set an alert to when I update any information on my webpage.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Madison Street's IPC, Christine Dienes at 671-7250. You can also click on the below county website link for FAQs: 



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  • Monthly School-Wide Lifeskill Focus

    TOLERANCE: April Life-skill

    Definition: to allow others to act, believe, or look different without being mean



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  • Friday Spirit Shirts

    msa owl Each Friday have your child wear a MSA Spirit shirt. Each Monday it is announced on the Morning Show which 1st grade class had the most "spiriteers". That class then has the "Golden Owl Trophy" to be housed in their classroom for the week! Go Anderson Spiriteers! :-) 

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  • Click here to email me: dawn.anderson@marion.k12.fl.us


    Ms. Anderson’s 1st Grade Class Schedule for 

    2017 – 2018 School Year


    Ms. Dawn Anderson







    8:00 - 8:10


    8:10 - 9:30

    English Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Grammar)

    9:35 - 10:25

    ELA Enrichment/Remediation Literacy Centers

    10:30 - 11:00

    DANCE for 1st Semester/PE for 2nd Semester

    11:05 - 11:35



    TV Production



    11:35 12:05

    Lunch (Tables 8B & 9)

    12:10 - 1:00


    1:00 - 1:20


    1:20 - 2:00

    Science/Social Studies 

    2:00 - 2:15

    Pack – Up and Math Number Talks

    2:15 – 2:20



    Important Information from Ms. Anderson

    Daily Communication Folder

    Your child’s folder will be sent home each day.  The folder will contain a Weekly Behavior Log which will be in the center of the folder and should not be removed.


    On Wednesdays, your child’s folder may have important school notices and newsletters. On Fridays, your child’s folder will contain graded papers, more important notices, artwork, etc.  Please go through the folder with your child, taking out papers that need to stay at home, read any teacher comments, and signThe folder should be returned the following Monday.


    The district has mandated a no homework policy. In lieu of homework, your child should be reading at least 20 minutes of an AR book or other book if AR book already read.  A Reading Log will need to be filled out as well. Please read the next heading titled, Accelerated Reader and Reading Log for more information. Your child will practice 6 – 8 Sight Words daily in class. These words are expected to be used in their writings. There will be a Sight Word Mastery Test every 4 weeks. Your child might have some at home long-term projects to work on together with parent help. Supporting good work habits requires us to work together.  I will support your child and encourage good work habits at school.  Your child will benefit a great deal from your support and encouragement at home.


    I may suggest your child work on Reading/Math computer programs for working on weak areas or for enrichment. Please keep me informed on any connection issues or if you do not have internet access.


     A weekly information sheet titled “What We Are Learning this Week” will be emailed on Mondays. If requested, I will send home a hard copy in your child’s Communication Folder as well. The information sheet will list the weekly Sight Words and the Phonics pattern for the week.  It will also list the current Reading, Grammar/Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies skills.  The items that change weekly are Sight Words, Phonics Focus and any upcoming Tests or graded assignments that are due.


    Accelerated Reader and Reading Log            

    Reading every night reinforces learning at school and a love of reading.  Each student should read for a minimum of twenty minutes each night.  Please allow your child to read to you as well as independently. Also, each night, the Reading Log (will be in the center of the Daily Communication Folder) needs to be filled out. Students will be given an AR point and book level goal to work toward each nine-week period.  Students may take more than one test per week, but a limit of three is encouraged.  Students can take AR tests in class each day as well as parents can bring their child to the media center each morning from 7:30 – 7:50. Reading to/with your child or having your child read independently is very important.  Additional information about AR is available on the school website.  As we progress through the year, students will have the opportunity to check out two books (one fiction/one nonfiction).  Students’ book reading levels will be determined by their individual performances on the STAR test which will be given the first weeks of school.  The test will be given again at the end of each 9-week period, so book reading levels will change throughout the year.  Individual goals will be set using student reading levels each grading period. I give time in class for AR reading. I give time in class for AR reading/test taking each day. Students will need to bring their AR books to school each day and take home each night to read/discuss/reread with parents/guardians. Please encourage your child of this responsibility. AR books that aren’t brought to school (by students) will result in a lowered conduct grade for the week.


    Specials Schedule

    Day of Week

    10:30 – 11:00am

    11:05 – 11:35am
















     ***Lunch Time = 11:35am-12:05pm (Fill out a volunteer form and come enjoy lunch with your child.)

    ** Breakfast and Lunch are both FREE for all students!  (A la carte items such as ice cream and chips have additional charges.)

    Breakfast Time = 7:30am-7:50am


    Water Bottles

    Students are allowed to have a water bottle at their desks.  The bottles must be the kind that snap shut (no twist top or just a straw).  Bottles should be taken home each day and washed.  The water bottle should be filled with clear, unflavored water. NO GATORADE or other drinks allowed in the water bottle. If the water bottle becomes a problem for a child, the bottle will be sent home and will not be allowed back. The classroom does have a water fountain to use at appropriate times during the day.


    Volunteer Forms

    You must fill out volunteer forms each year.  You must also scan your driver’s license.  Try to do this ASAP.  Having an approved volunteer form allows you to chaperone field trips, eat lunch on campus with your child, volunteer on campus, help in the classroom or special area class, help with the Fall Festival, watch your child on the morning show, or join our class for holiday events. You do not need a volunteer form in order to attend share shows or class celebrations.