Health Occupations

  • Students practicing CPR and First Aid techniques Welcome to health occupations! howard middle school is pleased to offer this exciting program that will begin teaching students about medical and health basic skills and information and careers in the medical field. at howard, the orientation to health occupations course is offered to 7th and 8th graders. the explorations to health occupations course is open to 8th grade students who took the orientations course in 7th grade. students are also able to take this course in high school where they begin really doing hands on activities and shadowing at offices in our community for real world experiences. this is a great program for those who wish to pursue anything in the medical field. it is also just good information to know regardless of the career you choose! students in these courses are also invited to be a part of hosa (health occupations students of america) club, where we will meet at least 2 times monthly and have the opportunity to listen to speakers and compete in the regional, state and national hosa competitions. This is a really neat course and I look forward to teaching you about the exciting world of health occupations!