• (This is not a complete list, but the highlights of ones we will cover. Topics may not be covered in the same order that they appear in the textbook.)

    Scientific Method/Science is more than a body of knowledge, it’s a process.

                Describe steps and methods of scientific method                                         

                Explain the purpose of scientific method

                Describe the relationship of matter and energy

    Density Etc. /The Student identifies various ways substances differ.

                Compare and describe mass and weight

                Identify physical properties and physical change

                Explain what happens to matter during physical/chemical changes

    Atomic Theory/The student knows the general properties of atoms.      

                Describe the size, parts, and forces of atoms

             Describe elements, compounds, and mixtures

                Explore aspects of the Periodic Chart

    Energy/The students understand and demonstrate the basic principles of energy

                Identify 3 states of matter and phase changes

                Compare kinetic and potential energy

                Describe and give examples of energy conversions

    Forces/The student will show and explain how forces act on an object

                Describe forces and friction

                Explain the universal law of gravitation

                Calculate net force, compare balanced and unbalanced forces

    Motion/The student is able to use and apply the formulas of motion

                State Newton’s 1st and 2nd laws of motion

                Calculate the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration

                Graph and measure changes in motion

    Waves/The student applies the properties of waves to light and sound

                Describe how waves transfer energy, vibrations cause sound

                Identify wave properties and wave relationships to frequency

                Describe how electromagnetic waves differ, describe the Doppler Effect