Welcome to Advanced 7th Language Arts

  • 7th Reading Expectations 

    7th Advanced Language Arts Reading Expectations

    Quarterly Word Goals

    • Students are expected to read 30 minutes a night.
    • Students have time in Language Arts to read during the week.
    • Each student will have an independent goal of words read to earn each quarter.
    • The first quarter’s word goal for all students is 250,000 words.
    • The second, third, and fourth quarters’ goals will be sent home, in writing, for students to obtain a parent signature.
    • Reading Cards will maintain the word count for each student.
      • Students need to write the titles of all books being read as well as the word count.
      • Word counts can be found in online searches and/or by doing a word estimate.
      • Word estimate: count the number of lines on one page (L); count the number of words in one line (W); get the number of pages (P); then multiply L x W x P for the estimated word count.


    Quarterly Book Genres

    • Genre: a category
    • Beginning the second quarter, students will be required to read at least one grade-level (or above) specific genre; each quarter will have a different genre.
    • The second quarter’s genre is historical fiction.     
      • We will spend time in class learning what historical fiction is and what it is not.
    • The third quarter’s genre is classical.
    • The fourth quarter’s genre is nonfiction.


    Book Availability

    • The media center is open at 9:15.
    • Students may also check out books from the media center throughout the day.
    • An extensive in-class library is in the classroom for students to use.
      • In-class library check out procedures: take the book you want to read, read it, and return it to my desk when finished.


    Book Projects

    • Each quarter students will participate in at least one project to ensure that the reading is actually being completed and comprehended.
    • These projects will usually be collaborative in nature, and 90% of the work for them will be completed in class.
    • Students will receive written information regarding each project that details requirements and the due date.
    • The grade earned will be entered as a double or triple weighted quiz grade.


    AR Incentives

    • AR is being utilized as an incentive to read; therefore, no grades will be obtained from it.
    • The Media Specialist Incentives: Mrs. Quaid will announce various word and/or point goals as well as other challenges throughout the year. They are optional.  Incentives from the Media Specialist are TBA.
    • In-class Incentives:
      • Grade Bump: Passing (minimum 75%) 3 or more appropriate-level quizzes means a “bump” if the final quarter grade is one point away from a higher letter grade. For example, a 79% will be bumped to an 80% if the student has passed 3 or more AR quizzes.