My google class room code:


    students cannot use thier school e-mail address to get into this.  Thay have to make a different one.  They can get a free one from yahoo.com.



    Math help sites:

    1) virtualnerd.com

    2) http://www.math-drills.com/

     3) https://www.khanacademy.org/


     The above calendar in the curriculum calendar for my class and this is what I follow.

    Math supply list

    1) Two composion wide ruled notebooks.

    2) Tissue (optional)

    3) Pencils (many)

    4) Blue and/or black pens (more than one)

    5) Red pen (2 or 3 is fine)

    6) Highlighter

    7) Paper

    8) Graph paper

    9) Optional Calculator for home use (the FSA calculator is a Texas instruments TI-30XA)






    Grading percentages:

    1) Quizzes, class work, and learning checks-50%

    2) tests and projects-40%

    3) Homework-10%