Meet Mrs. Hazen

  • This is my 13th year as a teacher at Howard Middle School and I am looking forward to another great year!  I expect my students to do their school work to the best of their abilities and follow the classroom rules.


    Rules and procedures are fundamental in life.  We follow rules and procedures in our daily lives for things such as approaching a traffic light, playing sports, and writing a letter.  There are also rules and procedures in this classroom.  These rules and procedures ensure a positive atmosphere in the classroom.  They contribute to a controlled learning environment for everyone.


    I have a syllabus in place that describes the objectives, rules, materials needed, and grading system for our course.  You may click on the links along the right side of this webpage to find my syllabus, and current and past assignments.


    Thank you for supporting your child's success, and I hope that my only communication with you will be positive.  Please feel free to contact me at the email or telephone number listed if you have any concerns, comments or questions.