• Welcome to Mrs. Hargrove’s Intensive Reading class



    Below you will find the description, objectives and materials needed to achieve a successful year.




    Students will continue to learn and develop reading skills through the Escalate English. The goal is to provide the students with the necessary skills (academic and organizational) to increase their reading proficiency levels and better prepare them for their future success.


    Escalate English is designed to help students realize their potential by rapidly increasing their language proficiency and mastery of academic English. It provides language-rich, intellectually challenging experiences to motivate students and accelerate their growth. The student edition, along with a workbook, students will engage in high-interest, current content, while improving their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. (NOTE- student can access all their material on their portal through their Language Arts ebooks)



    Materials needed: Howard Middle School has implemented the BINDER system this year, which means students will carry only ONE large binder throughout the day.

    I am asking my students to bring a duo-tang folder to leave in my classroom as well as earbuds or headphones for computer program.

    • duo-tang folder

    • headphones/earbuds


    • Grading/evaluation                                          Category weight:

      A= 90%-100%                                                  Homework 10%

      B= 80%-89%                                                    Quizzes / classwork  50%                                            

      C= 70%-79%                                                    Tests  40%

      D= 60%-69%                                                    

      F= below 60%



      Homework/make-up work

       Students are expected to read daily. I will not send a reading log, however, they will be expected to take AR test which I will use as a homework grade (required points per quarter is 8 AR points) Sometimes, students may need to complete their class work at home if not completed, as well as one assignment a week.                                                                                        

      If a student is absent it is his/her responsibility to check with me for assignments missed. If the work is not completed within 3 school days, a zero will be given for each assignment.




      I am excited to meet all of you and looking forward to a successful year.



      Jennifer Hargrove

      Howard Middle School