Mr. Hamrick's Advanced Mathematics Class

  • Here are some of the basics of my class:

    • Periods 1-6 are all 6th grade advanced classes and all doing the same things 
    • Homework is usually twice a week and always due the next day.
    • We go over homework together to see if the material is understood and then it is collected
    • Students can get a practice version of the Unit test when we start a unit as a study tool; the actual test has the same types of problems. It is on my web site and can be printed out.
    • Quizzes are sometimes 'pop' quizzes but since all are open notes this should not be a concern 'if' quality notes are being taken.
    • There are usually 1-2 projects per quarter.
    • Students use a spiral notebook for notes/entry tasks. Notebooks will be graded and checked for: 1.organization/no skipped pages   2. writing out problems/questions/examples not just putting answers  3. quality of notes
    • The course outline has the entire 9 weeks material/assignments listed
    • Never be too afraid or too cool to ask for help; ask questions and/or see me before classes get started (during homeroom there is 15-20 minutes).
    • Use the on-line resources available: your on-line textbook has lots of extra practice/tools.



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