Welcome to Pre Algebra!


    *Every student will succeed this year by working well independently, with fellow classmates, and with the teacher.  It will benefit your child to review what he/she did in class today at home. Being able to explain the math to someone is a sign that he/she is learning.


    *Students will need a binder/folder to keep notes, classwork, and homework in.  They will also need paper, pencils, and an agenda/planner.  Your child may want to have colored pencils, a red pen, a highlighter, graph paper.  We will use these supplies in class, but your child may borrow from me. Please remember to replenish the supplies at least once a nine week grading period.


    *The textbook is available online.  You should be able to get your etextbook through your portal like you did last year.  You have access to Ditgits 8th grade and to Algebra.  We will be working from both books from time to time.  You may want to use the other book for more practice or to see a lesson presented in a different way.



    *When you are absent from class, remember to check the binder in my room to find work that needs to be completed.  If you miss a test or a class work assignment that cannot leave my room, you will need to arrange to come to my room before school to complete the missing assignment.  Students will have assignments online.  If you are absent from school, please remember to check for online assignments.  




  • If you cannot go through the portal to get to the textbook, try this:

    *use the search feature to find pearsonrealize.com
    *click on sign in
    *click on Easy Bridge
    *type marion in the first box
    *select Marion Schools - INT in the dropdown box
    *put in your username and password
    You should now see the green, orange, and blue circles; click on the orange.

    Look at "in progress" tab if you have already started an assignment.

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  • Students may arrange to come to use computers in my classroom before school, if they need to.  Remember to tell me the day ahead of when you plan on coming in.  Then, come no earlier than 8:30.  Check in at the front office when you come in.

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    Homeroom students should come to my class at the 9:15 bell.  Students may eat breakfast in the cafeteria before coming to homeroom, but should not wander around campus.  
    Students may use the computers in my class to take AR quizzes or to do research, but there is no print capability. 
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