Mr. Wyckoff Geometry Honors and Algebra 2 Honors

  • Welcome to Geometry Honors or Algebra 2 Honors Class!

    Hello students! Here on my website you will find information on the topics we are covering in class along with any assignments that are due. Please take a look around my website. You can learn more about me and find my contact information on the Meet the Teacher page. The class calendar will include due dates for all assignments and other class activities.


    1st Period – Geometry Honors            

    2nd Period – Algebra 2 Honors

    3rd Period – Algebra 2 Honors               

    4th Period – Algebra 2 Honors

    5th Period – Algebra 2 Honors             

    6th Period – Algebra 2 Honors




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  • Geometry Honors and Algebra 2 Honors Syllabus

    Teacher: Mr. E. Wyckoff                  Room: A-173                                            

    Phone: (352) 671-4700 Ext 58577    Email:                        

    Textbook:  enVision Florida 

    Description:  Math is an inductive and deductive system using definitions, postulates, and theorems to establish relationships of geometric figures with proofs and real world applications.

    Goals:  Students will:

    • develop mathematical intuition and mathematical knowledge.
    • gain experiences that connects classroom learning with real-world applications.
    • increase knowledge of mathematics through explorations with technology
    • build techniques of reasoning for effective problem solving.
    • learn to apply, display, and communicate knowledge through alternative means of assessment, such as mathematical portfolios and journal writing.


    Mechanical Pencils and erasers

    Composition Notebook

    Graph paper

    Scientific Calculator- TI 30xa

    Geometry Textbook


    Homework/Review work-10%



    End of Course Exam-30%


    Heading on papers

    • In the upper right-hand corner
    • Name
    • Date
    • Block


     General Policies: students are expected to

    + follow the Marion County Code of Student Conduct.

    + follow the Forest High School “Way of the Wildcat”.

                    -Be on Time                  -Be Respectful           -Be Prepared

    + be responsible to make-up any classwork/homework the next class period.

     + make-up all missed quizzes/tests (before or after school) within 5 school days.

    + show all work for math problems just giving the answer is not acceptable and will not be graded as completed work.


    Food/Drink Policy:

    • You can have food or drink in the room
    • Cleanup after yourself or your food privilege will be revoked
    • Do not ask to go to the vending machine during class

    Restroom Policy:

    • One student at a time you have five minutes
    • Sign in and out on the restroom log
    • Do not ask to use the restroom while during lecture time

    Cell Phone Policy:

    • All cell phones are turned off and put away (not visible)
    • If caught using a math app in class – immediate referral to discipline
    • Do not plug any chargers into outlets in this classroom
    • No headphones or earbuds
    • Cell phones are not to be used as calculators (don’t ask)


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