World History Honors & AP

  • APWH Students & Parents:

    Period IV

    Global Interactions, c. 1450 to c. 1750

    • Key Concept 4.1. Globalizing Networks of Communication and Exchange
    • Key Concept 4.2. New Forms of Social Organization and Modes of Production
    • Key Concept 4.3. State Consolidation and Imperial Expansion

    Chapter 16 - Transformations in Europe 1500-1750

    Chapter 17 - Diversity of American Colonial Societies 1530 – 1770

    Chapter 18 - The Atlantic System and Africa 1550–1800

    Chapter 19 - Southwest Asia & the Indian Ocean 1500–1750

    Chapter 20 - Northern Eurasia 1500–1800


    Honors WH Students & Parents

    Unit 5

    How did the Age of Absolutism lead to the ideas of the Enlightenment?

    • How did the Absolute Monarchs of Spain, France, and Russia secure their power?
    • How did England develop into a Constitutional Monarchy?
    • How did Enlightenment Philosophers respond to Absolute Monarchs?

    Unit 6

    How did the Enlightenment lead to Revolutions in the Americas and France?

    • How did the Enlightenment influence thirteen British Colonies in America?
    • What events led to the French Revolution?
    • In what ways did Napoléon continue and change France’s Revolutionary Ideals?
    • Why did Revolutions spread to Latin America and the Caribbean?

    Essay: Compare/Contrast American & French Revolutions

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