Ms. Michelle Sapp

Phone: 671-4700 ext 58576


Degrees and Certifications:

DEGREES: University of Florida Bachelor's in History Bachelor's in English Saint Leo University Master's in Educational Leadership CERTIFICATIONS: Educational Leadership ESOL English 6-12 Social Sciences 6-12

Ms. Michelle Sapp

I’m Ms. Sapp. I graduated from the University of Florida with degrees in English and History.  Basically, I can discuss intelligently the different literary movements and what historical events led to them.  I didn’t set out to be a teacher, but when I first stood up in front of a class, I felt I had found what I was supposed to be doing, so I stuck with it and have enjoyed just about every moment. 

I started teaching in Highlands County in 2006 and moved to Marion County to teach here at Forest in 2008.  I have taught all four years of high school English Language Arts classes. Still, my passion is with American Literature. 

I teach MOSTLY English III, including the Honors classes, and last year started teaching the AP Capstone Seminar and Research classes.  It's definitely a learning curve, but it's been interesting so far. 

Personal Stuff

*I don’t watch much television, but what I do watch is geared toward supernatural/sci-fi/fantasy.  I recently turned off my satellite subscription, and the bliss of not having television is unexpected.  I still keep Netflix, but I don't watch it that often. 

 *I love movies and often find myself quoting movies in the middle of conversations to make or illustrate a point.  For instance, there is no situation in life that can arise for which a quote from The Princess Bride is NOT apropos. "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means!"

 *I am an avid reader – almost aggressive about it.  I can’t pass a bookstore without going in and spending money. 

 *I love music. I have an extensive, eclectic music collection, from Classic Rock to Classical, Hip-hop to Folk Rock.  Sometimes, I play my music in class while students are working.  I also play the clarinet and sing (for myself mostly, alas).  I recently started learning to play the flute.  It is never too late to learn something new!  

 *I also love photography.  I am hoping that over the next couple of years I can make it a profitable hobby. I like landscape and street photography.  I haven't mastered the art of portraiture yet. 

 *I have two cats, Minnie and Diego, who are exactly the predators that cats should be.  Diego often attacks my toes in my sleep, the little devil.  And Minnie likes to beat up Diego and tries to establish dominance every chance he gets.