• Financial Algebra

    The purpose of Financial Algebra is to introduce students to the major

    concepts and tools for earning and budgeting income, analyzing and drawing conclusions from data, and applying 

    proper monetary principles that are key to an individual's financial stability.


    Students will be exposed to concepts such as:

    1. Investments, Stocks, and Wall Street

    2. Driving Practices, Insurance, and Law.

    3. Income, Taxes, and Budgeting

    4. Life Application, Buying a house and/or vehicle, loans, and retirement planning.

    Students will complete multiple projects that are totally life-applicable and learn skills that will guide them the rest of their lives.


    Click the link below to access the concepts that will be studied this year.

     Financial Algebra Course




    Math for College Readiness

    This course is targeted for students who are not yet “college ready” in mathematics or simply need

    some additional instruction in content to prepare them for success in future higher level mathematics.

    This course incorporates the Florida Standards for Mathematical Practices as well as the following

    Florida Standards for Mathematical Content: Expressions and Equations, The Number System, Functions, Algebra, Geometry, Number and Quantity, Statistics and Probability, and the Florida

    Standards for High School Modeling. The standards align with the Mathematics Postsecondary Readiness Competencies deemed necessary for entry-level college courses.


    M4CR Syllabus