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  • Spring Break is almost here! Seniors have less than three months to go; the rest of you, hold on tight!




    A DAY                                                                  

    1st Period – Financial Algebra                                  

    3rd Period –Financial Algebra             

    5th Period –Math-for-College-Readiness      


    B DAY       

    2nd Period –Financial Algebra

    4th Period –Math-for-College-Readiness 

    6th Period –Math-for-College-Readiness 


    First Bell               8:30

    1/2 Period           8:35-10:15

    CAT Period          10:20-11:00

    3/4 Period           11:05-1:15

         A Lunch           11:00-11:30

         B Lunch           11:35-12:05

         C Lunch           12:10-12:40

         D Lunch           12:45-1:15

    5/6 Period           1:20-3:00


    Contact Information:

    Via Email: joe.ray@marion.k12.fl.us

    Via Phone: 352.671.4700 ext. 58653