• HYBRID Digital Information Technology - A High School Credit Course

    What is a HYBRID course?

    Earn online credit while attending a classroom/online experience. 60% of all work is done on the computer, just like an online class. Every student is required to take one online class prior to high school graduation and this class offers this as well as the elective you also need. It's what I like to call a twofer.

    1. Earn your Performing Arts Credit
    2. Take your required Online course

    Class Objectives for Hybrid Digital Information Technology

    Upon course completion, the student will be able to:

    1. Develop keyboarding skills to enter and manipulate text and data.
    2. Describe and use current and emerging computer technology and software to perform personal and business related tasks.
    3. Use reference materials such as on-line help, vendor bulletin boards, tutorials, and manuals available for application software.
    4. Troubleshoot problems with computer hardware peripherals and other office equipment.
    5. Describe ethical issues and problems associated with computers and information systems.
    6. Demonstrate basic web design.
    7. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of various software applications (i.e. MS Word, PowerPoint, Web Browser, E-Mail, Presentation)

    Software Used: Microsoft Office Word, Power Point, Excel, Moodle Online, Internet

    Materials Needed:

    Pen or pencil, paper

    Requested Classroom Supplies:

    Electronic Wipes

    One Ream Print Paper


    Course Evaluation: Grades will be based on daily work, Moodle online participation, tests, and participation in cooperative activities.

    50% Tests, Projects, & Presentations

    45% Class/Daily Assignments, Quizzes (if assignments are not completed before the due date, it becomes homework)

    5% Writing/Other

    • A = 90-100%
    • B = 80 - 89%
    • C = 70 - 79%
    • D = 60 - 69%
    • F = 59% and below

    Points for daily work and tests/quizzes will be accumulated throughout the semester and converted to a percentage that will be recorded in the grade book.

    Classroom Rules:

    1. Arrive to class on time.
    2. Be prepared – Pen, Pencils
    3. Assignments will be handed in on the due date. If you are absent you are allowed one additional day to turn it in. If you do not turn in the assignment on the due date a zero will be entered into the grade portal.
    4. ONLY bottled water or securely sealed bottled drinks are allowed in the computer lab.
    5. Absolutely NO open containers are allowed in the lab and/or near the computers.
    6. Horseplay is NOT ALLOWED in the classroom, and INNAPROPRIATE online computer use is strictly PROHIBITED and will result in disciplinary action.
    7. Please raise your hand to speak when asking a question or participating in a group discussion.
    8. Teacher permission and a pass are required if leaving the classroom. Only one person at a time will be allowed to leave.
    9. Observe courtesy and respect for others at all times.
    10. Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in a zero in the grade book.
    11. Absolutely NO talking during quizzes or test is allowed and will be considered cheating and will result in a zero.
    12. Cell phones, IPOD, MP3 players, or electronic devices are to remain off and out of site during class.
    13. Absolutely NO games are to be uploaded from a jump drive or played during class. This class is not games 101.

    Every Class Period:

    1. Login using your school designated login and password.
    2. Login to www.marionstudents.net/oms and locate the teacher website (Kelly Panasuk) here is where you will locate your class and the daily agenda. 
    3. Please do NOT ask what we are doing today as this information is located on the agenda and it is your responsibility to go to www.marionstudents.net/oms at the beginning of class while I am taking attendance.

    End of Class:

    1. Make sure all assignments have been turned in.
    2. Log off your computer.
    3. Straighten up your desk.
    4. Do NOT gather at the door. REMAIN in your seats until the bell rings.