• Course Syllabus Spa 1
    – World Languages Spanish 1

    Classroom _D228
    Sra. Paget
    E-mail: donna.paget@marion.k12.us
    Please feel free to email with questions and concerns.

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    Text: Descubre 1

    Supplies: 3-ring binder, 2 packages index cards, Pencil case that attaches inside your binder (to store index cards), large spiral notebook (about 200 pages), lined paper, 2 dry-erase markers, pencils/pens, highlighters of different colors, USB drive, computer (access), microphone & headset.

    Course Objectives
     →to communicate in Spanish verbally and written   →to be able to demonstrate knowledge of Spanish interpersonally, interpretively and presentationally at an appropriate level.
     →to demonstrate an understanding of social interaction within Spanish cultures through participation in cultural activities
     →to apply knowledge of Spanish language and cultures to further knowledge of other disciplines
     →to demonstrate a knowledge of use of Spanish language w/i and beyond the school setting
     →to analyze and use different patterns of communication and social interaction appropriate to the setting

    Students will be expected to achieve proficiency levels appropriate to the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) standards Class Management

    Attendance is required. Email if you will not be in attendance. Students will be encouraged to drop with more than five absences. Tardiness is discouraged and more than five will result in detention/referral.

    Testing - Exams will 6 parts – vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, writing, oral.

    Missing exams will need to be made-up within three days of the absence (return to school).

    The final exam will be comprehensive.

    Grading Proficiency level Grad Novice high 90-100 A Novice high/mid 80-89 B Novice mid/low 70-79 C Novice low 60-69 D -Novice low 59-less F Work will be graded and entered into one of the following categories Writing 25% Speaking 25% Reading 25% Listening 25%

    Homework: Homework is an integral part of learning and will be assigned most days. Homework is posted on señora Paget’s website.

    Class work: Work turned in after the scheduled due date will be subject to 10% deduction for each day it is late. After 10 days, there is no credit.

    Assignments must be labeled at the top right corner as follows or they will be returned to you ungraded:

    Example: Your Name – Last name, First name Norton, Elisa
                                             Assignment # Unidad 1, pgs 1-3
                                             Date 20 de agosto, 2015

    Makeup: Students can find the missed work on señora Paget’s website. Students have 3 days after an absence to turn in on-time work.

    CAT period: In order to leave during CAT period, you must have a pass. To use the media center during CAT you must have a pass from the librarian. Show the pass to CAT teacher, then sign out in the CAT binder. You are then required to go directly to that teacher’s room. If you use a pass to leave the room, but do not go to the teacher who gave you the pass, you will receive a referral.

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