• Intensive Reading

    School Year 2020-2021

    Instructor Annette Maldonado-Garcia


    Course Description:


    The Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) in English Language Arts will serve Florida students by measuring education gains and progress. The FSA is administered twice a year for retake purposes; September and February-March. Florida’s K-12 assessment system measures students’ achievement of Florida’s education standards, which were developed and implemented to ensure that all students graduate from high school ready for success in college, career, and life. Assessment supports instruction and student learning, and test results help Florida’s educational leadership and stakeholders determine whether the goals of the education system are being met.


    Intensive Reading is a course designed to provide instruction with reading strategies, techniques, and skills for test preparation that will enable students to be successful across the curriculum.   Content will include but not be limited to fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.


    This class will address individual needs through whole group instruction, small group instruction, class projects, independent reading/whole group reading (novel) of a variety of reading materials.


    Teengagement® is a high-interest literacy curriculum that connects the classroom to the real world. We will dive into the curriculum as we read to learn about subjects that matter to students. The Units of Study help students develop vocabulary, reading comprehension, and text analysis skills. Teengagement® teaches students to excel in writing and other authentic assessments with standards-based performance rubrics.  Students will prepare for high-stakes testing, aligned to the Florida Language Arts State Standards while becoming critical thinkers and lifelong learners.


    Membean provides guided, engaging, multimodal vocabulary instruction while our Adaptive Reinforcement Engine helps students retain what they learn. Knowing the meanings of words, and being able to use them, is an essential skill for both reading comprehension and effective writing. Membean creates an effective vocabulary learning system, uses repetitions to ensure that what students learn is not forgotten. Membean provides more than seven different ways of learning a word with engaging content such as audio, video, and word pictures, Membean's game-like format succeeds in overcoming short attention spans. Membean also provides a learning program for each and every student based on their existing skill level and speed of progress.

     Students will also be encouraged to take the ACT and/or the SAT during the school year as well.


    Class Categories:

    Authentic Tasks Teengagement & Tests                                                 55%

    Class/Daily work (FSA/ACT/SAT, etc.)                                                    45%


                                                                  Class Supplies:


    1 pack of copy paper                       Composition Notebook                 Highlighters                       

    1-Folder: plastic pocket folder                   Pencils/Pens (Blue/Black Ink)     Masks/Shield-REQUIRMENT


    Class Procedures:

    Absences: Upon missing a day(s) of school, it is the responsibility of the student obtain the missing assignment(s). A student with an excused absence(s) will have 5 school days from the absence to make-up missing assignments. Example: You are absent Wednesday, return to class Friday, pick up make-up work, which is due the following Thursday. All make-up tests will be given the day you return to class!

    Grading: All classwork/tests are graded in a timely manner. However, writing assignments take a bit longer to grade due to volume and feedback but should be graded within 5 days of due date.   If a student is absent or out for disciplinary reasons, a “0” will be put into the gradebook until the work is turned in according to the absence and late work policy.

    Late Work: Will be accepted up to 2 days (there will be deduction in grade for every day late.) and will be done IN CLASS….work will not go home to complete.

    Participation: Daily/independent reading and group participation are essential skills needed to be successful in the Intensive Reading course. Students will be evaluated frequently by the teacher during the class period.

    Homework: Usually NOT given as the majority of the work will be completed in class.

    Webpage/Remind.com: I use my webpage and remind.com as additional resources for assignment due dates and announcements. It is the responsibility of the student to sign up for REMIND. Communication is KEY…Remind will provide an additional resource for teacher/student contact.

    Entering the classroom/Tardies> Students must be in assigned seats when the tardy bell rings. All students are required to have their face mask and/or shield on.

    Leaving the classroom> Students are dismissed by the teacher, NOT the bell. If student is in class online, they are expected to stay in class and participate during the full class session. Attendance will be taken and participation will be noted.

    Restroom> Students may use the restroom one (male/female) at a time. Student can take the restroom lanyard, sign out, put an orange cone on their desk and leave. Upon returning to class, student will use sanitizer both for their hands and to wipe the door handle, sign back in &, place the lanyard and cone back in place on the table. This is a 5 minute roundtrip! Violation will result in a Referral.

    Classroom duo-tang folders & composition notebooks> These items are to remain in the classroom. The student must make sure that these items are left in the designated areas at the end of each class period.

    Fire Drills> Students must report to the location specified by the teacher. Students who are not in this location can receive a referral for truancy.

    Fragrances> Please do not spray cologne, perfume, or use scented lotions inside the classroom.

    Teacher’s Desk/Area> The only time that students should be in this designated area is when the teacher is testing the student.

    Substitutes> Please follow the instructions that the substitute gives to the class. This includes restroom procedures, sitting in assigned seats, staying in class for 90 minutes. All work is expected to be completed in the class period. Students will receive a zero if they simply goofed off because they had a substitute!

    Cell phones/Electronic Devices> There is no need to have these devices on during class. There is a time set in the instructional day to use these devices. If a student is using these devices in class, they will be asked to go to discipline and a referral will be written. 

    FSA practice: Twice during the school year (1 each semester) students will be involved in an intense training “combing” through authentic test material. The first semester training will be a “crash course” and the second semester will be a “boot camp” environment when students will apply practice work on all LAFS to an authentic test. There will be more opportunities during the second semester for students to apply all knowledge learned.


    Year Breakdown of Classwork:

    1st Semester                                                                      August-December

    Fall Administration of FSA 2.0                                      Testing Window opens: 9/15-10/2

    ACT                                                                           9/12, 9/13, 9/19 10/10, 10/17, 10/24, 10/25, 12/12

    SAT                                                                           9/26, 10/3, 11/7, 12/5

     ----------If a student passes FSA or scores [ACT 18 Combined English & Reading] or [SAT 480] on the Reading section of these tests, they may be allowed to choose a new ½ credit class in the new semester.

     2nd Semester                                                                     January-May

    Spring Administration of FSA                                       TBA

    ACT                                                                           2/6, 4/17, 6/12, 7/17

    SAT                                                                           3/13, 5/8, 6/5