• Intensive Reading is a course designed to provide instruction with reading strategies, techniques, and skills for test preparation that will enable students to be successful across the curriculum.   Content will include but not be limited to fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

    This class will address individual needs through whole group instruction, small group instruction, class projects, independent reading/whole group reading (novel) of a variety of reading materials.

    Teengagement is a project-based teen literacy program addressing the essential skills needed for success.  Purposeful, relevant, rigorous, engaging units of study, form the basis of this unique literacy program. Students will be assigned to work on a wide-range of units on a weekly basis.

    Students will also be encouraged to take the ACT and/or the SAT during the school year as well.


    Class Categories:

    Authentic Tasks Teengagement & Tests                              55%

    Class/Daily work (FSA/ACT/SAT, etc.)                                 45%


                        Class Supplies:

    Pencils/Pens (Blue/Black Ink)                      Highlighters                        1 pack of copy paper

    Folder: 2 pockets plastic folder                 Composition Notebook


    Class Procedures:

     Entering the classroom/Tardies> Students must be in assigned seats when the tardy bell rings.

    Leaving the classroom> Students are dismissed by the teacher, NOT the bell.

    Restroom> Students can use the restroom one (male/female) at a time. Student can take the restroom lanyard, sign out, put an orange cone on their desk and leave. Upon returning to class, sign back in &, place the lanyard and cone back in place on the table. This is a 5 minute roundtrip!

    Classroom duo-tang folders & composition notebooks> These items are to remain in the classroom. The student must make sure that these items are left in the designated areas at the end of each class period.

    Fire Drills> Students must report to the location specified by the teacher. Students who are not in this location can receive a referral for truancy.

    Fragrances> Please do not spray cologne, perfume, or use scented lotions inside the classroom.

    Teacher’s Desk/Area> The only time that students should be in this designated area is when the teacher is testing the student.

    Substitutes> Please follow the instructions that the substitute gives to the class. This includes restroom procedures, sitting in assigned seats, staying in class for 90 minutes. All work is expected to be completed in the 90 minute period. Students will receive a zero if they simply goofed off because they had a substitute!

    Cell phones/Electronic Devices> There is no need to have these devices on during class. There is a time set in the instructional day to use these devices. If a student is blatantly using these devices in class, they will be asked to go to discipline and a referral will be written.

    Absent Students:

    If students are absent from class, student is to get a CAT PASS to make up the work. Assignments and due dates are designed to include time for absent students. Students need to make arrangements in all other cases immediately upon their return to school.


    Daily/independent reading and group participation are essential skills needed to be successful in the Intensive Reading course. Students will be evaluated frequently by the teacher during the class period.

    FSA practice: Twice during the school year (1 each semester) students will be involved in an intense training “combing” through authentic test material. The first semester training will be a “crash course” and the second semester will be a “boot camp” environment when students will apply practice work on all NGSSS to an authentic test. There will be more opportunities during the second semester for students to apply all knowledge learned.


    Year Breakdown of Classwork:

    1st Semester                                                                       August-December

    Fall Administration of FSA 2.0                                                 September 2018

    ACT                                                                                      Oct. 27th /Dec. 8th

    SAT                                                                                      Oct 6th /Nov 4th /Dec. 1st


    ----------If a student passes FSA or scores [ACT 19] or [SAT 24] on the Reading section of these tests, they may be allowed to choose a new ½ credit class in the new semester.


    2nd Semester                                                                              January-May

    Spring Administration of FSA                                                       March 2019

    ACT                                                                                           February 9th/April 13th/June 8th

    SAT                                                                                           March 9th /May 4th/June 1st