• Intensive Reading is a course designed to provide instruction with reading strategies, techniques, and skills for test preparation that will enable students to be successful across the curriculum.   Content will include but not be limited to fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. This class will address individual needs through whole group instruction, small group instruction, class projects, independent reading/whole group reading (novel) of a variety of reading materials. 


    Teengagement® is a high-interest literacy curriculum that connects the classroom to the real world. We will dive into the curriculum as we read to learn about subjects that matter to students. The Units of Study help students develop vocabulary, reading comprehension, and text analysis skills. Teengagement® teaches students to excel in writing and other authentic assessments with standards-based performance rubrics.  Students will prepare for high-stakes testing, aligned to the Florida Language Arts State Standards while becoming critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

     Students will also be encouraged to take the ACT and/or the SAT during the school year as well.


    Class Categories:

    Authentic Tasks Teengagement & Tests                                            55%

    Class/Daily work (FSA/ACT/SAT, etc.)                                                  45%


    Class Supplies:

    1 pack of copy paper                       Composition Notebook                 Highlighters                       

    1-Folder:  plastic pocket folder                   Pencils/Pens (Blue/Black Ink)


    Cell phones/Electronic Devices>  There is no need to have these devices on during class.  There is a time set in the instructional day to use these devices.  If a student is using these devices in class, they will be asked to go to discipline and a referral will be written.

    Absent Students:

    If students are absent from class, student is to get a CAT PASS to make up the work.  Assignments and due dates are designed to include time for absent students.  Students need to make arrangements in all other cases immediately upon their return to school.

    Year Breakdown of Classwork:

    1st Semester                                                                                August-December

    Fall Administration of FSA 2.0                                                    September 2019

    ACT                                                                                               Oct. 26th /Dec. 14th

    SAT                                                                                               Oct 5th /Nov 2nd /Dec. 7th


    ----------If a student passes FSA or scores [ACT  19] or  [SAT 24] on the Reading section of these tests, they may be allowed to choose a new ½ credit class in the new semester


    2nd Semester                                                                               January-May

    Spring Administration of FSA                                                    February 2020

    ACT                                                                                              February 8th/April 4th/June 13th

    SAT                                                                                               March 14th /May 2nd/June 6th