Intensive Reading


  • Welcome to ONLINE learning!   Please be patient and understanding as this is new for us all.


    First, I will be available online to answer any questions or concerns you may have Mon. thru Fri. from 10am until 1pm via email:   My preferred way of communication is via the REMIND app which most students already.  Students can reach me thru REMIND all day since I always have access to my phone.  I have listed below the individual codes for each class. 

    TEXT the number:  81010.  In the message part, put the appropriate code below for your sure to use the @ symbol as shown

    1st:   @a46b7c      2nd:  @hchgg7      3rd:  @b6e6ca

    4th:  @fg2cg9k     5th:  @dka74f        6th:  @k3g39dh


    ASSIGNMENTS:   Will be posted WEEKLY on Monday and will be DUE on Friday by 3pm of that week.  You can find these assignments under the ASSIGNMENTS tab of my webpage.  For the reading passages, you DO NOT need to print the assignment.  After you have read the passage, tell me the name of the passage and email ( your ANSWERS ONLY to me. Here is an example of what I expect:


    1. A   

    2. B

    3. F

    4. E

    Short response:  In the article Activism, the author was asking to.....


    Please to be sure to check the website every week and complete assignments as given.  If you have any questions or concerns, text or email me.  Continue to implement SOCIAL DISTANCING and wash your hands often. 


    I miss you all and hope to see you soon!