• HOPE Course Syllabus     

    HOPE (Health Opportunities through Physical Education) is a class that combines health topics and physical activities. Fifty percent of our time will be spent in the classroom covering topics related to good health behaviors and making good choices. The other fifty percent of the class time will involve participation in fitness activities and games to improve overall emotional and physical wellness.


    Health Choices and Behaviors                                          Teen Dating Violence

    Self-Esteem and a Positive Self Image                            Managing Weight and Body Composition

    Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco                                             Heat Related Illnesses

    Stress/Depression                                                               CPR and First Aid

    STD's and Teenage Pregnancy                                          Injury Prevention


    50 %  -  Classwork and Tests

    50%   -  Dressing out and participating in physical activities

    Late Work:

    Work that is turned in after the due date is docked 20%.


    Excused absences because of school related activities will not count against your grade. If you are absent from school, it is important to make up any missing work.

    *** Take advantage of CAT period to make up any late or missing work.

    Parent/Doctor notes:

    Parents may provide a note to excuse their child for activity for up to a period of 1 week. After that, it will need to be a Doctor's note for an extended period of non-participation.


    Each student will come to class prepared with paper and pencils, materials will not be provided by the athletic department. Each student will need to have a folder or section in a binder where notes and important information are kept. It will not be graded, but will help you stay organized and give you materials to study for tests and the final exam.

    Students are also required to have a Forest High School PE uniform. These will be sold by the athletic department at a cost of $15. No other athletic clothing will be allowed. Students are also required to wear socks and gym/tennis shoes (No boat shoes, flip-flops, sliders, boots, etc.).


    Lockers are provided for the students at no cost, however each locker will be shared by two students since there are not enough individual lockers for everyone. Students should lock up their belongings in the locker during class. The athletic department is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


    Any student in need of an inhaler during physical activity should have a written notice on file in the clinic and should carry their inhaler with them at all times during class.


    Students should immediately notify their physical eduction teacher of any injury that takes place during class. Please don't wait until you have left the class as this makes the injury difficult to document and treat for insurance purposes.

    Class Rules:

    1. No eating or drinking in the classroom except for bottles of water.

    2. No bad language

    3. No electronics.

    Teacher Contact:

    The best way to make contact with me is through e-mail. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child.

    Contact - mark.mader@marion.k12.fl.us