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    The Economics and Financial Literacy course primarily focuses on the concepts and processes of national and international economic systems. Content should include, but is not limited to, currency, banking, and monetary policy, the fundamental concepts relevant to the major economic systems, the global market and economy, major economic theories and economists, the role and influence of the government and fiscal policies, economic measurements, tools, and methodology, financial and investment markets, and the business cycle. 


    This course will meet two graduation requirements.  One your social science economic requirement.  Two it will also meet your requirement for an online class.  We will complete multiple units online and in the classroom.  An added component to meet your financial literacy requirement will be an online program called Everfi.  You must have this course to graduate so suck it up and show up for class while making an effort to complete your homework, quizzes, and tests in a timely manner.


    Hybrid Economics: This class will include work that will be done online and in the classroom.  Please refer to the syllabus for more information.  Just click the following link: HYBRID ECONOMICS SYLLABUS

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