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  • Attention Anatomy Seniors!!!!!!!!!

    See your final exam study guide instructions under assignments.

    Your study guide powerpoints are due by midnight on May 2nd.


    Junior anatomy students will not get their study guides until May 7th.  



    Biology students have all recieved their study guides and need to be working on them.


    Biology EOC Date is May 4th!!!!  Be prepared!!!  Study! Study! Study!

  • Biology EOC Remediation Sessions


    Mon 2/26 - Mitosis

    Mon 2/27 - Nature of Science

    Thurs 3/8 - Macromolecules

    Fri 3/9 - Properties of Water

    Mon 3/19 - Photosynthesis/Cell Respiration

    Tues 3/20 - Enzymes

    Fri 3/30 Passive/Active Trasport


    All review sessions will take place in the Auditorium during CAT period.

    Make sure you get your ORANGE CAT pass!!!!  




    Biology State EOC Date: April 24th 

    BE Prepared!!!!  

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