Forest High School Band Program

  • For information regarding the Forest High School Band Program or to register online, please visit


    For the virtual learning platform for all of the Band/Guitar classes, we will be using Google Classroom. You will need to log in using your school email address. The codes to each of the classes are as follows:


    Band I-IV :  r22yx7o


    Guitar:  65pjyiu


    Music Tech: twiofjv


    Percussion (Music Ensemble) :  r4v6pgd


    Jazz Band:   dbvqez5


    Small Ensembles (Band 6 and 7):   df67rxl


    Emerald WAVE (Eurythmics I and II):  5tqcfiv

     Here is a video Mrs. Jones created to help with getting into google classroom and then how to switch to your student account to join the class. (this video was created for parents of her class, but is equally relavent for us at this level)