Course Title:             Diversified Career Technology – OJT

    Course Number:       8300410

    Course Credit:          multiple


    Course Description:


    This course is designed to enable each student to demonstrate competencies in a specific career and to demonstrate legal and ethical behavior within the role and scope of job responsibilities through a realistic, on-the-job training experience. An individualized training plan is developed and utilized to ensure that training is provided which will develop the necessary competencies/skills in order for the student to become competent in the occupation for which he/she is being trained. The training plan is the "curriculum" for the on-the-job training and the time card is the attendance record.


    1. Demonstrate competencies in a specific career--The student will able to:
      1. Demonstrate job performance skills as outlined in training plan.
      2. Exhibit effective workplace safety practices including use of protective devices
      3. Display an acceptable level of productivity and quality control.
      4. Demonstrate effective written and oral communication and listening skills when interacting with customers, co-workers, and managers.
      5. Demonstrate decision-making and problem-solving processes and techniques used in the workplace.
      6. Demonstrate acceptable work habits and conduct in the workplace as defined by company policy.
      7. Demonstrate an understanding of the company’s vision and mission statements.
      8. Demonstrate an understanding of a company’s goals and objectives.
      9. Demonstrate familiarity with the company’s products and services.
      10. Demonstrate the ability to identify authority, rights, and responsibilities of both employers and employees.  


    1. Demonstrate legal and ethical behavior within the role and scope of specific job responsibilities--The student will be able to:
      1. Demonstrate legal and ethical behavior within the scope of job responsibilities.
      2. Demonstrate the ability to resolve customer, employee, and employee/employer problems and concerns.
      3. Follow policies and procedures affecting the safety, health, and well being of all members of a workplace setting
      4. Exhibit behavior supporting and promoting cultural and ethnic diversity.
      5. Recognize and report signs of substance abuse
      6. Demonstrate interpersonal skills, which enhance team productivity and foster positive work ethics.  
      7. Demonstrate appropriate dress and grooming habits for the workplace environment.



    1. Perform designated recordkeeping skills--The student will be able to:
      1. Identify job tasks that presently are and will be in the future performed in the specified occupation (training plan).
      2. Indicate on a training plan as competencies are mastered.
      3. Maintain a record of employment hours and wages for auditing and budgetary purposes (e.g., time cards, budget sheets).
      4. Maintain an up-to-date, signed training agreement.