Algebra 1 Syllabus



    Ms. Hopple’s Algebra 1 syllabus                                               Building 1 Room B244

    Text: envision Algebra 1 (also available on-line)                      

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    Classwork 30%:  Classwork is usually due in class the day the assignment is given. However, the teacher may give students time to finish at home if they have utilized their class time efficiently.  If the student is given more time to finish an assignment at home, it is expected that the assignment be turned in at the next scheduled class meeting.  Make-up work for a chapter must be completed before the test day.  Make-up work for a chapter will not be accepted after the test date unless arrangements have been made with me in advance.

    Homework 10%: Late assignments are not accepted except in the case of an absence.  If you are absent, you are expected to turn in your assignment when you return.

    Tests 60%: Mid-chapter and chapter tests will be given at the teacher’s discretion and may or may not be announced in advance.  It is the students’ responsibility to keep up with assignments and seek out help if they are having difficulty.  Tests are normally given at the end of each chapter or unit.  Missed tests must be made up within 10 days of the original date outside of class time.  Students should arrange a time with me for make-up tests either before or after school, or during CAT period.

    * My policy for all assignments; no work = no credit.

    I will do my best to cover topics thoroughly during class but sometimes students may miss class or just need a little more help.  I will be available after school for extra help.  Students should make an appointment with me in advance in case I have a meeting or an appointment that would conflict.

    Students will be required to pass the Algebra 1 FSA in May and it will constitute 30% of the students overall grade.

    Class Expectations:

    Cell phones or other electronics and/or earbuds should NOT be visible during class time.

    Students are expected to follow the Marion County Code of Student Conduct and the “Way of the Wildcat”.

    Students are expected to keep up with all class assignments.  Assignments will be posted on the teacher’s website.

    Students are expected to have all make-up work for a chapter completed and turned in by the test date.

    Students are expected to take tests the day assigned unless they have a prior excused absence and arrangements have been made with me in advance.  (ISS, PASS, and OSS are not excused absences.)

    Students are expected to make-up any missed tests within 10 days of the original date assigned.

    Students are expected to monitor their grades through Skyward.


    *Students are required to have a calculator.  I recommend the TI 30Xa. 

    *Notebook paper and pencil will be required daily.

     *A three ring binder or other folder for organizing notes and assignments is required.


    The Algebra 1 curriculum may include, but is not limited to, the study of the following:

    The Foundations of Algebra                                                        Systems of Equations and Inequalities

    Solving Equations                                                                            Exponents and Exponential Functions

    Solving Inequalities                                                                         Polynomials and Factoring

    Introduction to Functions                                                             Quadratic Functions and Equations

    Linear Functions                                                                               Operations with Radicals

                                                                                                                    Data Analysis and Probability


    I have read and understood the Course Syllabus for Algebra 1.  I understand that it is my responsibility to keep up with all work and grades. 


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