• Mr. Gomez


    Algebra 1/1B




    Algebra 1 provides a formal development of the algebraic skills and concepts necessary for students to be successful on the Florida FSA and to move on to the next level of mathematics.  In particular, the instructional program in this course provides for the use of algebraic skills in a wide range of problem-solving situations.  The concept of function is emphasized throughout the course.  Topics include: (1) operations with real numbers, (2) linear equations and inequalities, (3) relations and functions, (4) polynomials, (5) algebraic fractions, and (6) nonlinear equations.  Students will work to their potential and ultimately benefit from taking this class.


    In order to improve and to learn how to do these concepts well, you must be attentive during class, take notes, do your assignments daily and always do your best on the practice work we do in class.

    Materials Needed:

    All students should have the following......

    1) A basic calculator. (It should contain keys such as   +/- ,   % , and  )

    2) Notebook paper

    3) Graph paper

    4) Pencils

    5) Pen (For checking work. Try to get a red pen.)


    The grade for this class will be broken down into three categories.

    1) Tests will count for 50% of your overall grade.

    2) Classwork will count for 40% of your overall grade. will come from completion of the assignments that are either done in class, or at home. This includes any pages assigned

    from the math textbook, any worksheets that are assigned, and also will include the daily bell work, and all teacher guided "practice" that is done in and worked on together during class.