• Welcome to a new school year at Forest High School. My name is Deborah M. Folsom, and I am very excited to meet you. Here on our website you will find nformation on the topics we are covering in class and any assignments that are due. Please take a look around the website. You can learn more about us and find my contact information. The class calendar will include due dates for all assignments and other class activities.


    1st Period – AICE General Paper 

    2nd Period – AICE General Paper

    3rd Period – AICE General Paper 

    4th Period – AICE General Paper

    5th Period – AICE General Paper

    6th Period – AICE General Paper

    CAT Period - Seniors 

    Contact Information: (352) 671-4700 

    Via Email: deborah.folsom@marion.k12.fl.us

    If you need a Chrome Book, please call Mr. Stopyra at (352) 671-4700 ext. 58526.  

    If you are having technical difficulty with your Chrome Book, please call the MCSB's Tech Help at (352) 867-2100. 







  • If you were enrolled in AICE General Paper during the 2019-2020 school year, please email me to receive your user name and password. This information will provide access to your online test results via the secure Candidate Results website.

    Test results will be available Wednesday, August 12, 2020. If you have any questions, please contact me via email.    

    The candidate results link is below.


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  • Membean Tokens             

    1st Period - F6SQF2T

    2nd Period - F6SQBSV

    3rd Period - F6SQ95Q

    4th Period - F6SQBQV

    5th Period - F6SQ9NQ

    6th Period - F6SQC5Q

    CAT Period - F6SQDPQ



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  • noredink Class Code

    1st - jolly deer 98 

    2nd - amusing tiger 53

    3rd - fast airport 52

    4th - icy door 59

    5th - left sea 12

    6th - living story 3

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