• Depending on what year cadet you are will determine what course of study you will take.  All JROTC courses are developed at the Highest level of learning objective.


    Aerospace Science I / Leadership Education I is your first year and normally consist of 9th grade or freshman cadets. Only on a case by case basis do we allow 10th,11th or 12th grade students in classes that do not correspond to their grade & year group.


    Aerospace Science II / Leadership Education II - 2nd year - 10th grade.


    Aerospace Science III / Leadership Education III - 3rd year -11th grade


    Aerospace Science IV / Leadership Education IVThis year and course of study is not automatic.  We (JROTC staff) reserve the right to bring back our senior cadets.  These seniors are normally in the top chain of command and are those who have been selected to return based on Academics, GPA, Community Service Record and commitment to the Corps.


    Please see your Syllabus located at www.afjrotcfl931.weebly.com.