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    Listed below will be the class times for April 6-10.  Zoom sessions on the same day, have the same content so choose which one you would like to attend, you do not need to attend them all.  Zoom session ID and links can be found on your Google Classroom front page.  Login to the Zoom meetings will begin 15 min before class starts and the room will be locked when the class begins.

    AP Governemnt

    Tuesday AND Thursday Classes:  8:15-9:00 OR 11:00-11:45 OR 4:15-5:00


    AP Macroeconomics

    Monday AND Wednesday Classes:  11:00-11:45 OR 3:00-3:45

    Google Classroom link 725ckt2


    AP Comparative

    Tuesday AND Thursday Class:  3:00-4:00


    AP Microeconomics

    Tuesday AND Thursday: 10:00-10:45


    US Government

    Tuesday AND Thursday Class:  12:30-1:00


    CAT Crew Leadership

    Tuesday AND Thursday Class:  1:00-2:00



Last Modified on June 1, 2020