• CBVT:  The purpose of the program is to provide students with the opportunities to acquire job skills in natural environments.  In order to accomplish this, much of the vocational training is taught in a business setting on campus or out in the community. Business standards regarding work quality, production, safety, work attire and appropriate work behaviors are emphasized. Job training is part of the student’s educational program; therefore, no monetary compensation is provided. Student performance is evaluated and used as part of their grade.


    Self-determination is important for all people, including students with disabilities. It involves addressing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes students will need to take more control over their lives.  The skills leading to enhanced self-determination, like goal setting, problem solving, and decision making, enable students to assume greater responsibility. Students are encouraged to make decisions that affect their day-to-day activities, including academic goals, post-school outcomes, schedules, and others.  This is done by teaching students to:

    • Set personal goals
    • Solve problems that act as barriers to achieving these goals
    • Make appropriate choices based on personal preferences and interests
    • Participate in decisions that impact the quality of their lives
    • Advocate for themselves
    • Create action plans to achieve goals
    • Self-regulate and self-manage day-to-day actions



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