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    Cambridge AICE Syllabus

    AICE GP Syllabus


    Our approach to this course is to amalgamate the skills needed to succeed on the Cambridge General Paper exam, the SAT and ACT, and to thrive at the university level and beyond. Since the aforementioned exams are crucial to graduation and college-readiness, we provide opportunities for growth in all of them concomitantly. Therefore, our focus is on the following objectives:relevant and rigorous readings, engaging elocution, gainful grammar, valuable vocabulary.

    To ensure that students have a command of the English language and are able to express themselves in the most powerful and effective ways, students will compose original writing and study vocabulary and grammar on a regular basis.



    Cambridge International AS Level English General Paper Coursebook (Cambridge International)by Jill Pavich

     Accessing Microsoft Teams - Link through MCPS

    Materials (essential to have daily)

    • Three-ring binder

    • Writing utensils (pen -blue or black - and highlighter)

    • Loose-leaf notebook paper



    • Access to the Internet

    • Access to Microsoft Word/PowerPoint

    • Access to Marion County library; library card

    • Flash drive (to save and transport digital files)