• English IV Syllabus


    This course will help to develop the literacy, communication and critical thinking skills that students will need in high school, college, and the workplace.  During the semester we will read a variety of literature--short stories, poetry, novels, drama, as well as nonfiction.  We will engage in small group and class discussion.  We will reflect upon and write about what we have read and discussed.  We will view and listen to a diverse selection of media and create a variety of projects. We will concentrate on the following:  vocabulary enrichment, the mechanics of writing (grammar, punctuation, and usage), the writing process, formal academic writing, research skills and documentation, reading comprehension, and effective communication.


    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


    Materials (essential to have daily)

    • Three-ring binder

    • Writing utensils (pen, pencil, and highlighter)

    • Loose-leaf notebook paper



    • Access to the Internet

    • Access to Microsoft Word/PowerPoint

    • Access to Marion County library; library card

    • Flash drive (to save and transport digital files)