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    Q3 Report Card Paperwork Due!

    Tuesday, March 20th!

    Evaluation and Timesheet


    Give your paperwork to your supervisor ahead of time so you can turn it in on time!



    • Employee Evaluation:  YOU fill it out and your employer gives you a grade and signs it.  Make sure you put your specific job duties on the bottom half.


    • Timesheet:  YOU fill it out and your employer signs it.  Click on Qtr3 at the bottom left of the spreadsheet.  


    ***If you want an A you will turn in both papers on time, with your timesheet being done correctly on the Excel spreadsheet, and your 1st week hours will meet your minimum required OJT hours.  Ex. 2 OJT classes = at least 10 hours total per week.   

    Report card paperwork will be weighted heavier than Progress Reports.  

    • Progress report paperwork:  100 points
    • Report card paperwork:         150 points


    To receive credit for OJT you must work the minimum hours per semester.  Your timesheet is your verification.  Not enough hours, you fail.

    1 OJT Class:      67.5

    2 OJT Classes:  135

    3 OJT Classes:  202.5

    4 OJT Classes:  270 


    Employee Evaluation


    FYI-The information on my website trumps any information (mostly dates) that are found under DCT-OJT.






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