Welcome to Culinary Arts 1-4

  • Welcome back to a new version of distance learning. First of all, I hope all of you and your families are safe and healthy at this time. I know that most of you are going a little stir crazy by now so we are attempting to put that built up energy to work. This is a unique circumstance that we have to overcome but I believe our students are better prepared for it because of the skills that you have acquired through our food safety program. Washing our hands for 20 seconds is crucial to defeating this pandemic. Also, coughing or sneezing into your elbow and elbow bumping that we practice in the kitchen could prevent the spread of this virus as well. Be careful when touching your face or hair, handling any type of currency and most importantly, social distancing. Although the boredom is unbearable at times, it is a necessity for the battle against any of the virus properties that we have studied. Please remember that when we do finally emerge from this crisis, opportunities will be widespread for many different positions. Have your resumes on S/P2 updated with any information that you can showcase. Even managerial positions might be available.

    Now let's get started. Please be patient with this new version of learning as your teachers and I are learning here as well. I will have a sign in sheet for each period with a code for Google Classroom. You must use your student e-mail account to access the material. Here is the code for each class:

    1st Period- xrx3llk

    2nd Period- xc5b7gv

    3rd Period- snj2f6s

    4th Period- qhqsn3g

    5th Period- b55ub3y

    6th Period-3zxpbpv

    On mywebsite, you will find the ServSafe Powerpoint with all 10 chapters. Much of this material is appropiate for the prevention of Foodborne Illness, including viruses. Please review the first three chapters and we will have a discussion very soon hopefully on the Zoom app. I'm working on that now so it may take some time for me to figure out how we can get all of you involved. Our objective is to prepare you for Food Managers aand/or Food Handlers Certifications. This will prove to be a valuable asset when you add it to your resume. 

    Once again, stay safe and keep practicing those good personal hygiene habits that we focus on so much in the classroom and the kitchen. Thank you and I hope to see you all soon. I worry about ALL of you and your families. We will get through this as we are a very resilient country. Let's make the best of a tough situation.


    If you have questions, email me at kenneth.adamic@marion.k12.fl.us


    Here are the Classroom Policies students will need to know.