• For all distance learning assignments and information, please refer to our Google Classroom (instructions and code are listed on the teacher homepage).





    (This information is for traditional classroom setting, prior to Covid-19)


    • Students will have homework on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings - no exceptions.
    • Occasionally, homework will be assigned weekends.
    • Homework assignments are graded. When students do not turn in homework assignments, they receive a zero for that particular assignment.
    • Some homework assignments are recorded in my gradebook.
    • Missing homework assignments can affect a student's report card grade.


    • When a student is absent from class for whatever the reasons, it is his/her responsibilities to come to me and get the missing assignments - no exceptions.


    • Parents are encourage to track their child's academic progress through the Parent Portal on the district website.
    • Parents can also track their child's academic progress through their graded assignments which go home on every Monday. These returned assignments will be in a green folder for parents to review with the child, then sign and return the folder to class.


    • My classroom is and always will be a positive learning environment for all students. When students misbehave and cause classroom disruptions, they take away valuable learning time from those students that want to learn. I will not tolerate any rudeness or disrespectful behavior in my class.