Janice M. Bomberger, M. Ed.

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Degrees and Certifications:

M. A.: Special Education K-12 B. A.: Special Education K-12 A. A.: Early Childhood Education Certified 3 year old - 3rd grade Endorsements: PreKindergarten ESE, ESOL

Janice M. Bomberger, M. Ed.

Hello! Welcome to MOES and the Manatees. I am honored to be an ESE Support Facilitator at MOES and to work with so many promising students. Every morning I'm greeted with bright smiles and eager young learners. When that bell rings, we have the promise of a new day and all that comes with it. We face challanges and dare to overcome that which stands in our way. Frustrations are conquered with an "I can do this!" attitude even when it seems impossible. A feeling of hope bursts forth with every academic mountain that is conquered. There will be tears and there will be joy. Most important there will be you, their very first teacher. Together we are a team working to help your child build a strong academic and social foundation. For now your little manatee is small and impressionable. Add on a few short summers and your child will be walking out the door and into the world. Will he/she be ready? Will they be prepared? Will you? Your child can be! I have witnessed this myself in my 30 years of teaching special needs children. I have attended high school graduations of what once was a struggling 4 year old in my PreK class. I've seen them go on to college, technical school or into the military ready because wonderful parents and guardians like you were there to lead by example and with love. Join with me as we train a future loving, caring, and productive adult. Start by reading every day with your child for 20 minutes. This is your child's only mandatory homework; to read, read, and read some more! By doing this simple activity you will build a mighty and strong foundation in your child's reading skills and your relationship. So make your mark!! Let's have a great and successful 2017 - 2018 school year!