• Hello! 


    Per district and school guidelines: we use Stemscopes for the Majority of Science content, with Labwork and Scientific Method practice recursively.


    For Social Studies Content: We use Social Studies Weekly where appropriate and Document Based Questioning Units of Study.


    Per School Guidelines: we learn using Science and Social Studies 'Focus Weeks' depending on several factors including but not limited to: District Testing Schedules and Cirriculum Maps


    Please be on the lookout for Social Studies Content and Reminders for Stemscopes for Science reminders in the coming days!




    Good Morning! I was happy to speak to most of you via the telephone yesterday! If I did not speak to you personally, I left a voicemail message, and will attempt contact again TOMORROW April 1. I will also be acessing the Remind app as I work remotely from home during this time away from campus.  I would advise that any questions be directed to my school email. During the remote learning phase,  I will have access to my email and will answer questions as they arrive! I have a faculty meeting today at 10a, and any pertinent information I recieve will be passed via this platform or other means.


    Per our Faculty Meeting this morning, I am publishing the Specials Schedule through May 1st. It is as follows:

    4-1 to 4-3-20: Art with Mrs. Louis

    4-6 to 4-10-20: Music with Mr. Chighizola

    4-13 to 4-15: PE with Coach Schaub and Coach Dooley

    4-20 to 4-22: Art 

    4-27 to 4-30: Music

    I am being directed that you should address each teachers individual teacher website, and content will be posted there. 




    Good Morning! In order to access the Art and Music Assignments that your students are being asked to complete, you will need to access The school websites for HARBORVIEW ELEMENTARY: As the specials teachers that serve the students on our grade level are based THERE. Please look for Mrs. Louis for Music and Mr. Chighizola for Art.



    Good Morning! Mrs. Johnson, Ms. Smith and I have set up two ZOOM meetings for tomorrow. There is one in the AM hour and one scheduled after contract hours to facilitate parents that are still working during this time. Please review REMIND to see these items and to select the meeting time that suits you best!  One meeting is scheduled for 9-10a. One is scheduled from 5:30-6:30p



    Hello! It has been brought to my attention that students and parents have been unable to completely access the Social Studies Weekly assignment for this week, that the pictures cannot be seen and in some cases, the assignment cannot be turned in. I submitted this item to our school Point Of Contact and was advised to seek help from the district. While this help is forthcoming: an expedient fix will be to modify the assignment and remove the questions with which the students are struggling. You should attempt to turn in the assignment until the due date, but in the event that you cannot, the grade will be given compassionately! Thank you for your patience!



    Per the School Boards latest directive, teachers have recieved communication to come to Lagacy tomorrow, 4-3-20, and collect any remaining personal effects from the classroom. This is so that nothing will be unattended for the duration of the enforced closure, which is currently through May 1st 2020. It is my plan to be in my home office by the time of the first scheduled ZOOM meeting at 9a.



    Good Morning! Starting on Monday April 6th I will be able to check my school voicemail from home, which I will do daily at 7a. If you use this method to contact me, I will answer your questions in FULL via email on that SAME DAY. I am also still available via Remind MESSAGE in real time. Per Ms. Murphy as of this morning: there is a Parent Technology Helpline that has been set up by the District.

    This Number Is: 1-352-876-2100 and is available between the hours of 7:30a-4:30p Monday through Friday. I am unsure about weekend hours for this item but as more information becomes available I will pass it along.


    Also Just to Recap questions that were asked of me during this mornings ZOOM meeting:  The questions that the students cannot answer on Studies Weekly due to various technical difficulties have been identified and REMOVED FROM the assignment, they WILL Not Count towards the grade. In the event that turn-in is not possible due to these SAME technical difficulties: the assignment will be graded with this challenge in mind.



    Good Morning!  By now, this weeks assignments are posted to StemScopes for students. Students will be responsible for Stemscopedia and the Open Ended Response Questions. I will be available for questions, the majority of my day will be spent grading last weeks work. in a few moments I will check my voicemail messages and contact any of you via email if necessary. Have a great day and stay safe!


    Please contact me via email if your student was unable to turn in the Studies Weekly Assignment due to functionality issues with the Studies Weekly Platform or your at-home devices



    Good Morning! Today is the last day to pick up a Chromebook from Legacy if your student needs a device to participate in Distance Learning. Teachers have a staff meeting today zia ZOOM, I will communicate ANY new information recieved at this meeting. Thank you to everyone who checks in with me each day regarding their childs attendance! I appreciate you. Please continue to reach out if there are issues with the submission of the Studies Weekly Materials from last week!  Thank you for all that you do in these uncertain times. Be Safe, Be Strong, Be Lions!!



    Hello! Per the staff meeting, the checkout times for the Chromebooks are 10a-1p TODAY. You do NOT need to contact the school, you can only just arrive. If you find that you, as a parent, are not getting SkyAlerts or other messages from the School or from District Personnel, please take this opportunity to update your Point of Contact with Mrs. Gleason at Legacy Elementary. Her email is debra.gleason@marion.k12.fl.us



    Hello! The Guidance Counselor at Legacy, Mrs. Schooley, has established a Teacher Website that can provide Guidance Services to students and parents during this uncertain time.  She has asked me to reach out to all of you and let you know that this information is available under her name: Morgan Schooley. This is in the same area in which you find the websites for the rest of your students teachers.  Have a great day, stay safe!


    Good morning! I am available for questions throughout the day, Please continue to stay safe. Of course you can find me via email, and by using Remind messaging! Happy Learning!!


    Hello! Some questions have been asked regarding some elements of the StemScopedia this week! There is a space underneath the table that your student is expected to fill out called: TRY NOW, and CONNECTING WITH YOUR CHILD.  These are lab activities and at-home activities that are embedded into StemScopedia activities to provide extension for your student.  Generally: we attempt these activities in classroom laboratory settings, and we attempt to cover the CONNECTING WITH YOUR CHILD information via teaching talks and small groups. Sometimes we do not get to these items due to time constraints, but students are always encouraged to address them with you at home. Due to our current way of work and Distance Learning Protocol, these items are NOT required. HOWEVER: if you choose to do them as part of your at home learning experience...and you provide proof via email to Justin.Webber@marion.k12.fl.us, they will be worth points to be added to your students lowest grade that week! 

    Also: some parents have asked about the short response questions that are connected to this weeks assignment. It will be my habit to assign these questions on THURSDAYS by 7:45a.  This is because I am mindful of the work that my colleagues are expecting of our students and I want to help pace the work properly. This will hopefully avoid any feelings of stress or distress due to body of work. Please feel free to continue reaching out!


    Hello! I have been asked to review submission procedures for any hard copy assignments that you may have previously recieved from Legacy. This procedure also works for any supplementary work such as TRY THIS or CONNECTING WITH YOUR CHILD activites that you may wish to submit.

    1. After the work is completed, please take a legible digital picture of the assignment on both sides. Most parents will do this via their own Smartphones or other personal electronic devices. 

    2. Then please attach the digital file to an email to the teachers MCPS address. Please do not forget to SEND the email

    Supplementary activities are not limited to pencil and paper "packets" they can be adressed on any notebook paper or reasonable medium that you may use at home. (notebooks, legal pads, whiteboards, ect) submissions MUST include your students NAME, DATE, and Homeroom Teachers NAME.  

    Thank you and I hope these instructions are helpful to everyone!



    Good Morning! I have assigned the Open Ended Response Assessmentt connected to this weeks Science activities. Just as in class, the students MAY refer to STEMSCOPEDIA during the assessment. This is because: on standardized tests they can always refer back to the reading passages when answering questions.  Please be advised: I will be sending emails to everyone, starting today and continuing into next week. If you have a preferred email address, please email me at Justin.Webber@marion.k12.fl.us


    Good Morning Everyone! Happy Friday!!



    Good Morning. Today I will spend a great portion of the day grading previous work, to include the Science work that was turned in over the weekend. The District expectation is that in the event of missing work, the grade will be marked "MISSING" until the end of the term. Please make every attempt to turn in assignments in the timeliest manner possible. I have begun writing emails to students in my homeroom, checking in with them. In the event that the parent has an email address on file in Skyward, the parent will be cc on the email. Have the best Monday possible, and know that I am grateful for you all!


    Hello! Please encourage your students to explain WHY they believe that their answers are correct. I have spoken throughout the year as to WHY being very important. Credit can be added to repsonses in which the explanations of the answers are sensible.


    I have finished grading all of the work that was turned in as of this morning for Science. The Assessement will appear in the gradebook first thing in the morning!  Thank you so much for your patience!



    Good Morning! After today's staff meeting, I will post new directives for the taking of attendance each day. Please be on the lookout for this guidance, as it is the newest and best coming from the District Level. Thank you for your patience as we proceed!


    Hello! according to the guidance given via todays staff meeting: I WILL NOT mark any student absent in SKYWARD without principal approval. HOWEVER: It is still important that we verify attendance EACH day. PLEASE if you have not done so, join my REMIND CLASSROOM if you are in my Homeroom. The class code is mr.webberss. If not this: please send me an email verifying attendance one day per week. This email can be sent to Justin.Webber@marion.k12.fl.us. The easiest way to verify attendance is the timely submission of STUDENT WORK. Per Ms. Murphy: If your students work is not competed in the time allotted, I must re-connect with you, which I will do via REMIND or email from my MCPS address. If I cannot contact you, I MUST submit a guidance office referral and a District delegate will visit your home.

    The newest district guideline for student assignments is that students will have ONE Social Studies task per week, and one Science task per week. We will continue to use Stemscopes for Science: Posting the STEMScopedia and the OPEN ENDED RESPONSE questions. FOR Social Studies: I will post using Studies Weekly, as this is the District Approved platform. HAVING SAID THIS: if we continue to see functionality issues via Studies Weekly, I will grade accordingly if you communicate that you cannot fully access the materials.

    Thank you so much for everything that you do! I appreciate you!


    This week our Science Standard is SC.4L.16.4. Activities are accessed through STEMScopes on your students web portal as you are accustomed.

    This weeks Social Studies Standards are:

    SS.4A.1.1, 1.2, 6.3, 8.1, 9.1


    SS.4G.1.1, 1.2, 1.4

    These materials are accessed through Studies Weekly on your students Web Portal via Social Studies Weekly week 27

    Thank you!


    Good Morning! Happy Studying!


    Good Morning. I have addded the Open Ended Response Questions for SC.4.L.16.4. Please attempt to have this item finished tomorrow. Of course, per Distance Learning Protocol, late submission is allowable. Happy Studying!


    Good Morning and Happy Friday! I will begin grading all of this weeks work starting today. Starting next week, there will be TWO Science Assignments AND ONE Social Studies assignment per week. This is a DISTRICT guideline and has been passed through Principal Murphy and our school CAS at Legacy: Ms. Mason. I will stagger the assignments to avoid overwhelming parents and students.  If you have a student in my homeroom, please make every attempt to email me on Monday, April 20th for attendance purposes. I can be reached at Justin.Webber@marion.k12.fl.us


    Good morning. As you may be aware, Governor DeSantis has determined that schools will not re-open for the remainder of the academic year. At this point, we will continue Distance Learning Protocols. Please be advised that there is FREE Parking Lot WiFi at Belleview Middle School and Forest High School from 9a-7p on Monday through Friday, for the purpose of academic tasks. I will be reaching out to the other teachers in the homegroup today regarding students in my homeroom that to this point have not turned in any work. If these students are inactive across all classes, I will process Guidance Office referrals for these students. 

    This Weeks Standards for Science are SC.4.L.16.2 and 16.3. They can be accessed via STEMScopes on your students portals.  Our Social Studies for this week is Studies Weekly, Week 3



    Good Morning. I continue to grade student work, as it is recieved. It is my intention to have all of the Science that has been turned in a graded into Skyward TODAY. I will also be reviewing and grading the Social Studies Weekly items that the students are submitting. Grace will continue to be shown in grading these items, as some of the functionality issues persist. Have a great day, and Happy Studying.


    Good Afternoon. As of now: I have graded everything that I have recieved from the students for Science and Social Studies, and the grades have been entered into Skyward. The gradebook will be fairly fluid for the students and parents that are less confident with Distance Learning. I will continue to grade work as it is recieved.  Please make every effort to reach out to me via Remind or my MCPS email address. Once again, the MOST accurate metric for attendance during distance learning protocols is the submission of your students ACADEMIC TASKS.  Thank you for your patience as we proceed into this new territory.


    Good Morning everyone! I sent my very first Skyward Message this morning! I think that everyone should be able to see it, both parents and students. It is the same message for everyone, this time, but as I get better using this platform, I will attempt more directed emails and messages as necessary. Please feel free to respond if you see it, if you do it will demonstrate the reach of the message, as well as provide proof of attendance! Happy Studying!


    Good Morning. Please expect the Assessment Task for 16.2 and 16.3 to be on Stemscopes today. I have a faculty meeting today at 8a, and so I will be posting pertinent information at its conclusion. I will also be checking to see what has been turned in by the students between yesterday and today, and grading these items.  Thank you and see you soon!

    9:01a Good Morning! Committees will be meeting to determine what End-of-Year Celebrations will look like for students, and what manner of recognitions that they will recieve. As more information becomes available, I will let everyone know! Thank you and Happy Studying!


    Good Morning.  Today is for grading student work as it arrives. I am available via email and Remind. Happy Friday and Happy Studying!

    4-27-20I Good Morning.  There are new assignments posted for Science and Social Studies. I am grading student work. I am available via email and Remind. Have a good day today!


    Good Morning! I have begun releasing feedback for parents and students to see. I am new at doing this virtually, as I generally give student feedback immediately during teaching and instruction.  If I ask students to extend their responses, it means that the answer was too brief to fully answer the posed questions. Generally, with a multipart question, it will require one full sentence per question posed. If no answer has been provided, I have identified this. Partial credit is always given if the student REASONABLY explains WHY their answer is correct.


    Good morning. Per Vice Principal Swain, The posting window for Progress Report 4 is this Thursday, April 30th. I will be working diligently to grade the students work as it arrives, so that your students progress report is accurate and complete. I will not re-assign any assignments until after the posting window has closed, please continue to ensure that your child gives their best effort on the first attempt. Please check Skyward for your childs grades for Progress Report 4, as the district WILL NOT print nor mail home Progress Reports due to COVID-19 concerns. PR4 grade posting window should be closed by Friday, May 1st. Happy Studying!


    Good Morning! I will again be grading student work ahead of Progress Report 4. There is a multiple choice assessment connected to SC.4.L.17.1. It is due on April 1, and so will not appear on PR4.  Have a great day and Happy Studying!


    Good Afternoon! The Specials Teachers wanted to us to reach out and gently remind everyone that their Music, Art, and PE Activity Logs are due tomorrow for the sake of Progress Report 4. I will be accepting work all the way up until 11a tomorrow, this way I can grade until the end of the school day and Interim Reports will be accurate. Please check Skyward for your students Progress Report grades, as the District will not print hard copies for this item.


    Good Morning To Everyone! I will again be grading the work I recieve from students throughout the day. Happy Studying, and work diligently!!


    Hi Everyone! I have of course been gading work, please feel free to contine submitting assignments until the end of the school day. I will continue to grade them as they arrive. Thank you for your patience in all of this. Please double check Studies Weekly, and focus on Social Studies Tasks. Thank you for all that you do.



    Hello Everyone! 

    As has been my habit the last few days, I am spending the majority of my time grading student work as it is recieved. I will have the Gradebooks updated by Monday May 4th. It is my plan to be in my classroom on Monday and work from there on that day. I understand from some parents that there are some common problems with Studies Weekly today. I am also experiencing some technical difficulties with the website as I am logging in as well. I surmise that it has a great deal to do with added traffic, as many students across the district are working very hard to submit their assignments. Please feel free to call the school on Monday, May 4th if you would like to teleconference, I will be in my office for that purpose. Thank you so much for your continued patience as we proceed into the next few weeks and toward the End of the Year! 


    Hello Everyone! This weeks Science assignment is on the website floridastudents.org and is entitled "A Plant's Life" The assignment consists of a short video and 7 questions connected to the video. When the students complete it, they will be shown a certificate of completion. You can screenshot this certificate and sent it to me as proof of completion for Science. Social Studies is Studies Weekly Week 29: and the test has been edited to cover only the main article and not any of the ancillary activities. This assignment can be turned in in the regular way. Happy Studying!


    Hello All:

    I am going to work from home the rest of the day today. I will be available via email and remind, as per distance learning protocol.  This week, I will be back in my office on Wednesday.   Thank you


    Good Morning!  Today is a day for grading. I have had questions about some of the questions on the Social Studies Assignment, and I am still getting caught up on student work that was only recently turned in. Thank you for your patience, and Happy Studying!


    Hello Everyone! Still Grading! Thank-you to everyone that continues to turn in assignments in good order. Happy Studying!!


    Good Morning! I am working in the gradebook today, thank you for continuing to turn in work in a timely manner. If there are questions about the Science assignment, the link has been updated in the "Directions" portion of the assignment. You can also copy and paste the link into your browser for access


    Good Morning Everyone!  Happy Friday and Happy Studying!


    Hello Everyone! in light of the grades that I am seeing on the Social Studies assignment this week, as well as questions from parents and students regarding this item, I have decided to apply a curve based on the answers that I am seeing. Thank you to everyone that is working hard to turn in your work, Don't forget to email me the Completion certificate for Science! 



    Good Monday Morning! Please pay extra attention to the "Directions" tab of this weeks assignments. Thank you for continuing to turn in work in a timely manner. I mean to visit my office this week, I will communicate as to

    which day as soon as I know. Thank you all for your continued energy as we approach the end of the year! 

    5-12-20 and 5-13-20

    Hello Everyone! I have been SO busy!! of course I am grading student work as it arrives: I have also been engaged in several end-of-year tasks that are mildly different this year because of the hybrid work model! Thank you for your continued patience in all of these things. For this weeks assignments, a completed Simulation Practice for Science will be worth (20) bonus points on the Multiple Choice assessment. Completion of the MyOn project can be communicated via Remind AND/OR an email to Justin.Webber@Marion.k12.fl.us


    Hello everyone! Per our staff meeting this morning: May 25 2020 to June 1 2020 will be designated a STUDENT MAKE UP WEEK. No new work will be assigned that week, to allow students to turn in any work that they have not yet completed this quarter. In the event that a student would like to improve their grade, I will allow ONE Student Interest Project for SCIENCE and ONE Student Interest Project for Social Studies during this week. This project will be due by July 1, 2020, and will ALSO replace (2) of the students lowest grades this quarter. 


    Hey Everyone! "Student Interest" means that the student can choose a Science or Social Studies topic that is interesting to THEM, and complete a research based project on that topic. Students generally choose how to submit their work as well, and can be fairly creative with this...Popular submissions in the past have been essays and PowerPoint Presentations.



    Hello Everyone! 

    As of this hour, all of the gradebooks are current. I will check throughout the weekend to ensure that parent/student teams have not submitted any further work. 


    Good Morning! I hope everyone's Memorial Day Weekend was restful and filled with family and friends. As of this moment, all gradebooks are current. I of course will be double checking throughout the week to ensure that parent student teams that are continuing to turn in work can have that work graded in a timely way. Students can be completing unfinished work as well as completing Student Interest Projects. Student Interest Projects should be submitted via email to Justin.Webber@marion.k12.fl.us.


    Good Morning on the Last Day of School for 19-20

    Last-Day-of-School Zoom at 10:00a

    I will accept assignments until 3p this afternoon. 

    Thank you for everything that you all have done throughout Distance Learning to help it to run smoothly and efficiently. I am proud of all the students that worked so hard to persevere and do their very best in unprecendented times.