The primary content for the course pertains to the principles, functions, and organization of government; the origins of the American political system; the roles, rights, responsibilities of United States citizens; and methods of active participation in our political system. The course is embedded with strong geographic and economic components to support civics education instruction.

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    Mr. Weyrauch

    Liberty Middle School
    7th Grade Civics and Advanced Civics
    Room 3-203

    Class Syllabus (2018-2019) 

    Dear Parent and Student,

    Welcome to your 7th-grade Civics class and what I expect will be a year that is full of accomplishments. Throughout this year we will be learning the foundations of government, the role of government in the United States, and how citizens participate in government. Keys to success are class participation, completion of assignments, willingness to ask for help, and parent support. I expect students to come to class on time and prepared to learn.

    - Mr. Weyrauch

    Goals for the Year

    • To identify institutions and principles of government at work in current events
    • To analyze and understand the role of the citizen in American democracy
    • To compare and contrast what we do with how other countries may do things
    • To develop reading strategies to help the student be more successful
    • To practice and understand how to respond to vocabulary that may be used on the Civics End of Course Examination.
    • To work cooperatively
    • To foster creative thought


    Many of the resources that we will be using in class are primary sources. I will upload copies of the primary sources as the year progresses to the class website.


    All students should have the following supplies in class every day.

    1. School assigned Three-ring binder with a notebook for Civics
    2. School Planner
    3. Mechanical Pencil or Pencil
    4. Coloring Pencils
    5. Highlighters
    6. Index cards


    Students may be given projects throughout the year. Students will be notified of any additional supplies that may be required to complete these projects. Students will be told what they will need for these projects and when they will need them by. Some possible projects for this school year include the creation of a Country and participation in National History Day.

    Course Schedule

    This schedule is tentative and dates may change.


     Grading Policy 

    Class Work and Quizzes                        50%

    Tests/Projects/Presentations                  40%

    Homework                                           10%

    *Civics and Civics Advanced have a state-issued End of Course exam. The Civics EOC is worth 30% of the student's final grade.  

    Grading Scale

    A    90-100

    B    80-89

    C    70-79

    D    60-69

    F     0-59

    Classroom Policies

    Homework: Homework will be given out weekly and will be turned in on block day. Homework will include reading sections of chapters online, completing assignments, and finding news articles related to civics. 

    Behavior: Students are expected to follow all school and classroom rules. Violation of rules will result in consequences depending on severity.

    Quizzes and Tests: Quizzes and tests will be scheduled throughout the school year. Tests will be announced in advance on my teacher website and in class. Absent students must make up quizzes and tests as soon as possible. Failure to make up any quiz or test will result in a 0 for the quiz or test. This may be done before or after school and sometimes during class. If a student makes up a quiz or a test during class, the student is expected to complete all assignments from class.

    Late Work: Homework and classwork are due by the date provided. Late work will receive a 0 in the grade book until it is turned in. The last possible day to turn in any assignments is one week prior to the end of the grading period. Classwork is typically due the same day but may be given time to finish for homework. 

    Absent Work: You will have two days per day you missed (with an excused absence) to turn in work. After that, the Late Work policy will be in effect. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they ask for and receive missing work. 

    Tardies: Being late to class is unacceptable. Students must be in their seats and be working on the Bell Work assignment by the time the bell rings. All students who are not in their seats will be counted as tardy. A student will receive a referral for 4 or more tardies.

    Exiting the Room: The bell does not dismiss our class, I do. Please refrain from packing up or leaving until I dismiss you.

    Entering the Room: Students must enter the classroom quietly, take their seat, and begin working on the bell work. If students have a question or need to speak with the teacher, students should hold their hand up and wait patiently for me to call on them.

    Cell Phones: Cell phones are not permitted in class without the teacher's approval. Cell phones, as per the school policy, are to be kept turned off and in the student's backpack. Having a cell phone out during class will lead to disciplinary action.

    Cheating and Plagiarism: There is no tolerance for cheating or allowing people to cheat off you in my class. If you are caught cheating or helping another student cheat you will be written up. Plagiarism is taking credit for someone else's work as your own. Throughout the school year, you will be required to write several essays. It is important that you cite the materials that you use. We will cover this topic in detail prior to your first essay.

    Bathroom: Bathroom passes will only be issued during the first 5 and last 5 minutes of class.