Mr. West - 8th Grade Support Facilitator - Science and Math



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             Hello.   Thank you for viewing my homepage.   I am one of six certified teachers here at LMS holding the positions of Support Facilitator. This year I am supporting 8th grade students.  I primarily monitor 8th graders progress in Math and Science classes while my partner, Mrs. Maher, monitors the same students daily in their Social Studies and Language Arts classes. 


            Our responsibilities are to ensure students who are authorized additional academic support in the academic classrooms receive it.  This support often comes in the form of encouragement, providing additional time to complete assignments, checking for understanding, and often re-teaching information to help improve understanding.  Additionally we monitor those students assigned to us to ensure they receive all authorized accommodations and assess whether the accommodations are effective and adequate.  

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            We do not want your child to fall behind in his academics.  We monitor their grades closely to ensure each one is passing all core classes.  Failure in even one semester in a core class typically means the student will not be going to high school with his friends and peers next August unless he attends summer school, retakes the course work on-line, and passes the class. 


            For this reason we ask you as a parent to monitor your child's grades, check for missing assignments (the primary reason for academic difficulties), and communicate with his teachers and me as soon as a concern arises  


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                                                      Wednesday Afternoons

            I am available on most Wednesday afternoons until 4:00 to help/tutor any of the eight grade students who have individual education plans (IEPs) and want assistance in completing assignments or who just think they would benefit from additional instruction in any of their core academic classes. (Pre-Algebra, Physical Science, U.S. History, or Language Arts)  I can also assist them in conducting research for projects, or completing missing assignments.  Each of our eighth grade teachers allow their students to re-do any assignment in which they received an unsatisfactory grade.  This can be done during these same sessions. 


            If you would like to take advantage of this offer, I ask that you notify me two days in advance and coordinate for transportation to arrive at 4:00 in the car loop in front of the school.   


    ****  If tutoring is wanted, but Wednesdays are impossible, please contact me and we will make other arrangements.