• Liberty Middle School Physical Education

    General Information and Guidelines


    Physical Education Attire:  Students will NOT be dressing out, but should wear appropriate clothing and athletic footwear for physical activity.  Safety will continue to be a priority.


    Lockers:  Students will NOT be receiving a locker.  Locker rooms will NOT be used due to current health concerns.


    Excuse notes A parent's excuse note is valid for 3 days.  A doctor’s note is needed for any period of time over 3 days. 


    Injuries:  Any injury occurring in Physical Education class MUST be reported by your child to their Coach at the time of the occurrence, to insure proper attention and documentation.


    Grades:  Grades will be based upon: Being prepared for physical activity (athletic footwear), Participation, Skills, Tests and Behavior.  *Students will not be excused from participating due to inappropriate attire.  Parents/students should check the portal weekly to monitor academic progress.


    Miscellaneous:  No food (including gum/candy), is allowed in the gymnasium.    Water fountains will ONLY be used as filling stations. Students will need to bring their own water bottles.


    Electronic Devices Electronic devices are NOT allowed in Physical Education.  They must be kept in bookbags at all times!


    Supply List:
    Clorox/Lysol wipes

    Liquid hand sanitizer

    Lysol spray