Liberty Middle School Physical Education

    General Information and Guidelines


    Emergency Form: An emergency form for PE will be sent home with every student.  It must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian, and returned before the student can participate in PE.


    Uniforms:  A proper uniform is important for injury prevention and good physical activity performance.  Students are required to dress out every day.  Students will need to wear a t-shirt, gym shorts with elastic waist, socks and non-marking gym shoes. 

    Note: T-shirts can be grey or white.  Shorts can be navy or black.


    Locks and Lockers:  All students in Physical Education classes will be receiving an individual locker.  You will be assigned a locker and a combination lock.  The locker fee is $2.00.  All belongings must be locked in the lockers at all times (including cell phones).


    Excuse notes:  A parent excuse note is valid for 3 days.  A doctor’s note is needed for any period of time over 3 days. 


    Injuries:  Any Injury occurring in Physical Education class MUST be reported by your child to their Teacher at the time of the occurrence to insure proper attention and documentation.


    Grades:  Grades will be based upon: Being prepared for physical activity (proper attire), Participation, Skills, Written tests and Behavior.  *Students will not be excused from participating due to inappropriate attire.  Parents/students should check the portal weekly to monitor academic progress.


    Contraband:  No food or drinks, spray cans of any kind will be allowed in the gymnasium or locker rooms.  These items will be confiscated and disposed of.  This includes gum or candy!


    Showers:  Showers are available.  Time is allowed for students to take quick showers.  Students must supply their own towels and soap.


    Electronic Devices:  Electronic devices are NOT allowed in Physical Education.  They must be locked in the locker at all times!




    Grade 6  Band Aids or Tissues

    Grade 7  Disinfecting wipes

    Grade 8  Liquid hand sanitizer