New Information: We have changed the way grades are being reported. If you are not completing your work, we are now required to enter 50% in where you would normally see an asterisk (*) If you turn the work in I am able to go back and change your grade. I will let you know individually if you owe me work. 
    You will find the required work on my web page under Assignments. Also, I am now grading for the week Wednesday through Tuesday. You will find new assignments posted by Wednesday and have until the follow Tuesday to turn them in. Please don't hesitate to contact me on Class Dojo, or by phone at 352-405-2931 if you are unsure about what to do. 



    UPDATE: As we move in to a difficult time in the school year please know your child's education is important to me as much as it is to you.  Mrs. Reynolds and I will be here to answer your questions or direct you to who can answer your questions, and help as much as possible.  We will be sending work pages home as well as making sure each student has the means to access different learning websites.  These websites are ones they are familiar with and able to navigate with some assistance from you. You will not be allowed to return the worksheets but if you have a way to take a picture of the completed work page and post it, or scan it to my email that would be acceptable. Please continue to use Class Dojo as a means for communication along with emailing to tanya.shively@marion.k12.fl.us.