Welcome to Technology and Engineering!

  • My name is Mr. Roberts, and I am excited to get started on another school year here at Liberty! This website will stay updated with information on all classes as they run through the semester, or year for fourth period. Here is where you will find what labs we are on, what assignments are coming due, and any news that you, the parents and students, might want to know. My contact information, and a little background on who I am can be found on the about me page. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the semester.


    This year I have three course offerings: Exploration of Robotics Technology- which is exactly what it sounds like, Coding Fundamentals- in which students will focus on learning Swift code, and Exploration of Engineering Technology- which will focus on preparing students for an industrty certification in Solidworks. All of these courses are either new, or have been revamped for this year. More information on the courses can be found on the class pages. 




    Class Schedule

    1st Period - Exp Robotics Tech

    2nd Period - Exp Robotics Tech

    3rd Period - Coding Fundamentals

    4th Period - Exp Robotics Tech

    5th Period - Coding Fundamentals

    6th Period - Exp Engineering Tech







    Students that are looking for classwork need to visit the Team page for their class on Microsoft Teams. This can be accessed by going to the student desktop, selecting Office365, then selecting the Teams icon. All classwork is posted in the assignments tab for their Team. Please contact me with questions if you are having issues finding Teams.


    -Mr. Roberts

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